Thursday, April 1, 2021





Soaking In The Night


The last night in our old home.

Sitting in the balcony with a chilled beer in hand.

The lighted up skyscrapers giving a fairy like look.

The blinking red lights on top of the buildings.

The nearby crane with flickering white and red lights.

I hear the cars on the road below.

Some faint noise of the last buses plying home.

The din of the Metro work going on.

My favourite electric pole stands still nearby.

At the top, the dim red light.

The twin buildings at a distance.

They had those beautiful blue lights in front.

But no longer are those blue lights seen.

The towering building behind them,

Which gets frequently covered by clouds.

The grills of my balcony are wet.

It had just rained a while ago.

Drops of water dripping from them.

Drop by drop they will fall and dry off.

But the memories of this house, this balcony

will remain forever with me.



Savouring The Flavour


The world has slowed down.

The streets are empty and isolated.

A long list of woes which have affected us.

But we have got respite from the rush.


The family together at long last.

Savouring the home cooked food.

The different ethnic flavour churned by the mother’s hand.

The smell of tradition and the native land.


The local taste and culture in the food.

The aroma of condiments and spices.

The taste of love in the food.

The flavours of one’s origin and roots.





The sweet and soft voice.

The voice so dear.

The melodious loving voice.

The voice which makes me want to be near.


The strength of character in the voice.

The clarity, the brilliance of diction.

The childhood memory filled voice.

The righteousness, full of conviction.


The love, the affection in the voice.

The voice of lullabies when I was small.

The love enwrapping voice.

The harbinger of happiness now, when I am tall.


The mellifluous solacing voice.

The voice of the most beautiful lady on earth.

The octogenarian, forgetting all but still the positivity in the voice.

Oh mother! So blessed to be your child, so blessed from my birth.




Dr. PARAMITA MUKHERJEE MULLICK is a scientist by education, educationist by profession and poet by passion. She is the Founder President of the Mumbai Chapter of the Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library. She has six published books and her poems have been published widely in India and abroad. Some poems of her have been translated into 36 languages. She has been blessed with numerous awards like Poetess of Elegance 2019, Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore award, Literoma Author Achiever 2020 and many more. For promotion of literature and culture she received the Gold Rose from MS productions, Argentina in the world Congress of Poets in 2019. She lives in Mumbai, India with her husband and her daughter.


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