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Cry Of An Unborn Soul...


O dear mother

I want to come in this world

Want to smile like a bloomed rose

Not scared of the darkness of your womb

Want to shake my little hands, legs

Want to cohere in your innards

I, too, want to enjoy happy moments

In your lap, in the cradle of father's arm

Wish my joyful voice echo the house

I'm your pride Ma, your smile

Want to make you proud with my good deeds

Yes mother, I can,

I'm weak yet have power why repudiation!

Don't want, be murdered in your belly pounch

Rather want a blissful life

Is being a girl, a crime, a sin?

Then why made girls?

Why given them life?

O God, tell me why?

Want to question, again and again

Created women, God, committed sin

We innocent souls, being harassed,

Why? Why?





Severed all connections

We met last,

Never again, wish to see you

Left no hole, no loop for you

That my heart bleeds

Herculean task, though, it was

Shut the doors of remembrances

Crushed hopes, debarred wishes

But you,

Never ceased enticing me

Reflected in my tears

Often, tapped my wet cheeks

Waved my hair with blast of air

Hummed in my ears, at time of despair

Storms, thunders, rains

Your extant silently follows

Thus tortured, smiled, satisfied

You are a MAN, strongly demonstrated

Obsessed by male ego, as others

How can you sense feelings

Of woman , severely struggling

This is the world of Men

Women intend to create their own

Bent upon to make it success

Drop cheap tactics to crack their intentions...





Most prominent emotion

Most damaging too.

Impulsiveness snatches

The control of other senses

If anyone prone to depression

Extremely disastrous for him

Remember, being short- tempered

Or, getting agitated soon

Clear signatures of impulsiveness

One could never realize

One's actions & consequences,

A young boy, in his twenties only

Walking, chatting with friends in corridor,

Turns, suddenly, and jumps,

From the window of twenty fifth floor,

Hail & hearty, handsome hunk

Became corps, within seconds,

Onlookers, stunned, shocked

What instigated the boy !

Why so unexpected decision !

Friends shouting, calling him again & again,

Couldn't he thought about his future !

Never valued his life !

We believe, life is precious,

Which is true,yes

Couldn't he ?

No, it was impulsive action, for sure

No logic, no inspiration, no attraction

Could check impulsiveness

At that destructive moment

It took away his life

Very fateful, very saddening

But fact was in front of ..

Impulsiveness is an emotion

Which should be tamed essentially

To be handled wisely

Yes, it can be possible.....

Copyright@manjula asthana mahanti




MANJULA ASTHANA MAHANTI: Is a bilingual poet, author, translator,editor. Worked in prestigious college as HOD, Last worked as public-school principal. She has published more than six books ,both the languages included.  published short stories, poems, articles in many national and international anthologies emagazines, OPA etc. Recipient of Bharat Ratna Atal Behari Bajpai award, Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore award, Best Novelist Award, Star Ambassador Of World Poetry and Art award, has been chosen amongst 25 woman of Excellence, Nari Samman by Literoma, , along with many other prestigious samman etc.

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