Thursday, April 1, 2021







Silence surveys the mountain top,

And stares down at the earth,

Sipping solitude from twilight’s cup,

Silence sweeps the yellow field’s expanse,

And peers through the sharp and smart corn,

Silence dribbles down the dark and deep eyes,

And gleams through the veil,

From the rose dusted cheeks,

Silence streams down the lithe light,

Slithering into the dark green woods,

Silence spreads its colossal wings,

Across the sky clad in flocculent clouds,

Silence, when descends with heavy footfalls,

At daylight’s demise at dusk’s threshold,

The listless words quiver and take their flights,

And flutter around to weave the web of new born thoughts.

© Dr. Fathema Begum 2020





The day is chilled with the icy touch,

 Of the corpse of human voice,

And suffocates under the loud,

Tremors of the old refrigerator,

The gushing sound of water,

From the hoary washing machine,

And the ticking of the ancient clock,

Slicing away time bit by bit.


The house elongated ahead to the deserted lawn,

 At the night’s descent with heavy footfalls,

The bed broadened to enthrone emptiness,

And the emaciated floor embraces the carcass,

Of love lost in infinity’s expanse.

© Dr. Fathema Begum 2020





Solitude in the closed room,

Squeezes the darkness to exude,

The crushed and faint smell of the years,

Of picking mango fruits,

Speeding with the wind,

Sliding down into the water,

Splashing into the puddles,

Of nightly fear of hoary ghosts,

And curling in chill against mother’s body,

All swirling up in the deserted night, 

From under the stack of forgotten years. 

 © Dr. Fathema Begum 2020




Dr. FATHEMA BEGUM qualified as M.A. M.Phil and Ph.D. in English is serving as a faculty member in the Department of Humanities, Assam Engineering College, Jalukbari, Guwahati -13.  She has of around nineteen years of teaching experience in both graduate and under- graduate levels in different Colleges.  She has published poems and research papers in several national and international journals and in anthologies such as,  International Journal on Multicultural Literature (India), The English Research Express: The International Journal of English Language and Literature (India), Margaret Atwood Studies,  (Academic Journal of Margaret Atwood Society, Canada) Indian Journal of Post Colonial Literatures (India), Labyrinth (An International Referred Journal of Postmodern Studies, India), Literary Miscellany: An International Journal of Literary Studies (India), Muse of Now Paradigm: An Entry into Poepro, published by Authorspress, New Delhi under its collaborative effort with Guild of Indian English Writers, Editors and Critics (GIEWEC) in the year, 2020. She also participated as a content writer of the modules – "English Theatre Tradition in India" and "Indian Regional Theatre in Translation" for the Course on Performance Studies under Comparative Literature for e-PG Pathshala Project of the UGC under MHRD's National Mission for Education.

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