Thursday, April 1, 2021





Dew Wedding


A tear put on a bright dress

And became the bride of the dewdrop

In front of the altar among bouquets of white roses

They said YES for the first time holding hands

The wind was their godfather

gently blowing over them

In gold cups

And the fiddler, Dawny dawn

Played the newlyweds' waltz

They swayed their love

Among dormant leaves

Under the veil of the night with fragrance of past

And gave each other the kiss of a new morning…



We're Heading To The Sunset


With every grain of sand

That flows from the hourglass

All the pains and joys fly away

From one life to another.

With each leaf that is born and dies

The seasons pass one after the other

Taking with them the fragile flower bud

Raw green the copper of dry branches

Hiding them under the cloak of memories

Hidden under white ice chains

We enjoy the passage of time

But we forget we're in sync with it.

With each sunrise

We're heading to the sunset ...


Oh life how fast you pass

And leave the embers behind

From the fire that burnt down all sweet and bitter ...



You - Dew Bridegroom, I - Tear Bride


I carry my tear with me

That hurts

That laughs

That comforts

That turns into dewdrops ...


You - dew bridegroom

Dressed up in smile of spring

With a tiara of dreams and sunshine

YOU - bridegroom born from the rustle of acacias

Swinging in the wind of love

Put me on a cloud of thoughts

And make me your bride of tears


I- bride of tears

Wearing a white dress

Woven from moonbeams, clearings of springs,

Lily petals and angel tears

I promise to make your life a rainbow




FLORENTINA DANU: Born in 18.01.1971, Braşov county Romania. Member of the Romanian Writers League Brasov branched in 2017. Member of World Poets Association October 2019. President of the literature and art platform World Poets Asociation – Brașov branched in 2020. Literary Voice Editor 2020. Debut: “Cuget românesc” / poet's page. Online publications, newspapers and magazines. Co-author in sixty national and international anthologies. Presence in an anthology of interviews with contemporary Romanian authors. Author's portrait in the encyclopedia of writers of the generation 2000 vol 1.  Awards for national and international poetry contests. Author's volume: “Passing through my life” – Cultural Harmony Publishing House the “ Lirik” collection 2013. “The Rustle of Leaves", "Armonii Culturale" Publishing House, the "Lirik" Collection, 2014. "The Music of My Soul" Romanian Poetry Anthology, "Liric Graph" Publishing House, 2019, coordinator Florentina Danu. "On the Paths of Dreams and Sorrows", "Armonii Culturale" Publishing House, 2019. I- dew bride, You- bride of tears- Cultural Harmonies Publishing House 2020 - Florentina Danu & Vasile Bele, Wondering words- Amanda Edit, 2020- Florentina Danu & Baki Ymeri, Flight to the leafless stars - International Poetry Anthology - Liric Graph 2020 Publishing House – Florentina Danu coordinator, Prefix 050 - International Anthology of Lyrics and Prose - Liric Graph 2020 Publishing House - FLORENTINA DANU coordinator


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