Thursday, April 1, 2021






Your the only Where

is your name’s sadness,

from which you are made:

cheerfully wet,

around your splendid suburb

of neglected,- to the flower

from the death lane։

the only traveller -

regarding you.


You are coming near, you

don’t see him.

He guesses you from

the fever,

that you endeavor your

light’s dust

from his pistil to…


But you don’t recognize him,


Recognize the «why»!



Translated from Armenian by Ani Hakobyan




In all my places of absence

I sow my reticence

from you…


Yet who punctuated

among the scents of my word?


Absolute scars,

inside my forehead of a vigil dream…


Whenever you wish to translate

my bloods,

collect Job’s stones

from my poems…


Those are secret cells

of your Son’s

round-scripted sorrow…






I am plucking now

the eyelashes of silence one by one

to mend my prayer,

which has been torn by nuances of word…

Now the nuance is more than the voice…

And now I enter

the church of Hope barefooted,

so that my steps will not paint voices on my fortune.

How many footprints have been split apart by whispers…

While my footprint

is my prayer of love,

which never ends,

as it never colors itself in words…

And now

the main color is the truth,

that love is the poem of the feeling…

That muses don’t turn into women…






EDUARD HARENTS, born in 1981, is a famous poet. He live in Yerevan, Armenia. He has graduated from Yerevan State University, the faculty of Oriental Studies and Cairo University Center of Arabic Language and Culture. Harents is an author of 10 poem collections. He has been published in numerous Armenian and foreign periodicals and anthologies. His poems has been translated into different languages. He is a quintuple prize winner: in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013 he was awarded in Best Poetical Series and Best Translation nominations. Young poets first prize by the name of Irina Gyulnazaryan («The best poetry book of the year») for the book «Lethargic Vigilance», Yerevan, 2013. The International literary prize «Pjeter Bogdani» (2015, Kosovo),- prize for Poetry-2015. The International literary prize «Dardanica» (2019, Belgium). Eduard Harents poems were translated into more than 50 languages. Eduard Harents is the most translated Armenian writer of all times. In 2016, his book «The life lives me» was published in Belgium («Jeta jeton më mua»; Bruxelles, “Bogdani” publishing house), and in 2017, his book «Lethargic Vigilance» was published in Spain («Vigilia letárgica»; Barcelona, «Emboscall» publishing house).

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