Thursday, April 1, 2021







You taught me to follow the sun,

when I only knew to follow

the darkness.


You taught me how not to take

the short run,

once upon a time when I only

trusted sadness.


And now - I cannot do other but trust

what I have learnt,

And now - I can only follow the Sunflower –

All of the old disbelieves were burnt,

giving me love, voice and the Power.





Sometimes the words just pass me by,

Don't know the questions or reasons why

Everything seems less colored than yesterday

Please don't run to me, just run away.





Sometimes I love you

For being a punk

But now I'm drunk

don't feel the funk



Sometimes I don't

Know what's in the trunk

Go to hell or

Through that junk



Yes, I am that crazy

I keep calling you lazy

Yes, I am that crazy



Sometimes I forget

How it feels to be hurt

To be left heartbroken

Empty and sunburnt



Sometimes I don't know

If you're the Man

I have some guilt

But feel no shame



Yes, you are that crazy

You are a punk

And you are lazy





ALEKSANDRA LEKIĆ VUJISIĆ was born in Podgorica, Montenegro in 1979. She is a professor of English language and literature, and a passionate writer of prose and poetry for children and grownups. Some of her work has won prizes in Montenegro and the region of Western Balkans, and her short stories and poetry have been published several times. In addition to English, she speaks fluently Italian language. In 2017 she started a literary project in order to promote the importance of reading for children.

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