Sunday, August 1, 2021







Ideas bursting forth

Words come pouring out

From the pen they flow

Filling the pages

No longer blocked

But released from the

Bondage of a blank page...

Donna McCabe ©



Guardian Angel


She was all mystical beauty and ancient charm

She had a soul so deep it could do no harm

She was as old as time

But as young as today

Sent to protect, honour and obey

To guide good souls along life's path

Help them stay steady

Help them through the wrath

A guardian, a saviour, an angel of mercy

Continuing her mission

Despite all the heresy.

Donna McCabe (C)



Cosmic Love


Our love was bound

By magical lock and key

Eons ago in eternity

When the stars were not born

And everything still black

A bond was formed

Our spirits made a pact

To travel through time

Seek each other out

Through life and rebirth

The karmic roundabout

And so it goes on

Our game of hide and seek

As into the future

Our souls will soon sneak. 

Donna McCabe ©



Life's Squall


Standing in the storm

Daring it to blow me away

Take me away from life's problems

Let me be free to play

Free of trials and tribulations

Arguments and sullen silence

Raised voices, threats

The threat of violence

I long for a simple life

Full of colour and peace

Not this storm that I'm living

That never seems to cease. 

Donna McCabe ©



New Beginnings


Light shines on a beauty hiding

Highlighting her time

To return to the world

To no longer shy away in the darkness

But to blossom and bloom once again

Scars once fresh and painful

Now healed and renewed

Her time to shine has come

To be reborn and imbued.

Donna McCabe ©


Tough Love


I was caught

In the gossamer

Of your love

Ensnared and tangled

In the web of deceit, you spun

Taken in by your charms

Always the prey

Even from the beginning

Oh how you played me well

Like a fly to the web

A fine dining ticket

You made of me..

But I managed to get free

Your grip not quite sticky enough

A lesson learned

That was some tough love.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over 20 years’ experience whos vast variety of work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies as well as being a highly respected admin in multiple social media groups, her most recent works of merit would include The Writers and Readers' Magazine, Our Poetry Archive, Raven Cage Zine and featuring in a book published by Poetry Planet called Words in Motion. Donna's intricate wordplay displayed in her works has been personified by her past and concurrent experiences which include her hardships, trials and tribulations. All of which she has been accompanied by her loving husband of 24 years. Together they have raised three children in the picturesque valleys of the Rhondda, South Wales. Her lifetime admiration of reading and writing has steered her into a adventurous new direction of collaborations with an up and coming Canadian artist Alla Ilescu whos idiosyncratic mind and artistic works compliment the vivid images Donna's narritve works paint. These collaborations have resulted in a beautiful book of poetry and artwork entitled “Explosion Of Love” published on Amazon earlier this year.

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