Sunday, August 1, 2021




Life Is Unique


Life is like a living creature as the cry of the


newborn becomes a word that flows like a river and is great.


The scent of flowers golden wreath


on the head of nature, gives meaning


to the endless news of life ....


The moon speaks with light in the darkness


of loneliness people of all ages


a miracle life let us love it


embraced the whole human race


becomes a happy heart that tears


the crazy with kisses of hatred ..


shield But in order to love needs


life and then you look up at the horizon


you raise your hands to touch the dream.


First Youth


The rain that grows


at night adorns


the cloudy landscape


and the snow the prize.


Do not be afraid of the dark, it


is the passion that the caress had


lost its mark as came


the night..


Judge before


you want to reach the


moon, but others overtake you ...


A pebble in the lake will disturb


the peace you rented last month


and responsibility for the


stars Gella to see you and


in youth the hanger always


will be waiting for you to hang


the scalpel. -






PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS was born in Agrinio Greece in 1977, where he lives to this day. He received his degree in Greek culture at the School of Humanities of the Greek Open University in Patras. He has worked as a radio producer on local radio stations, while publishing his poems or humorous stories in the newspapers of the city of Agrinio of  MACHITI ANAGELIA, THE NEWS OF AITOLOAKARNANIA, PALMOS. He was a municipal councilor of the municipal community of Agrinio, specifically vice president of the city of Agrinio from 2014 to 2019. He was a former member of the Panhellenic Writers 'Union and now an active member of the Writers' Union of Etoloakarnania. His poems are included in pan-Hellenic anthologies (published by NEA ARIADNE, an anthology of poets-novelists of Etoloakarnania during the period 1821-2002. He is currently a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL). His literary distinctions are commendable in the first pan-Hellenic prose competition, he was awarded to 1000 Greek poets, he is a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL). LARRY NIVEN LITERATURE bonuses of the universal routes with his poem "the last sheriff" ACTIVITIES-HOBBIES- comic book reader, amateur radio music producer, lyricist preschool education teacher. Member of the international society of greek literatures, member of the association of    aitoloakarnanias   poets, awarded with international distinctions. 

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