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As Regards Peace


Peace is waking up to the spring mornings.

It is hearing a laughter of a baby,

Touching butterfly wings,

Yes, peace is a mouthful laughter,

Peace is leaning on mother’s cheeks,

And on father’s shoulders.

Peace is being on the lover’s cheeks,

In the palace of love.

Peace is poetry,

Peace is living in the thousand years old ballads.

Peace is a never-ending romance

In human’s life.

It is the iron processed in the factories,

A revolving rotary,

And a yellow wheatear in the field,

And peace is grapes on the twig, and it is fig.

If we want, if we process the iron,

Peace is search in space,

And peace is being opposed to unjust and dirty wars,

And to bloodthirsty dogs.




Artlessly Naked Smiles


Marks on the mirror of the stolen past,

While living in the looks through light and smile,

The public feature of the sky is remembered everywhere,

In a devastated situation,

Palaces in the cavity of the lost eye,

As time elapses,

*” The sky is clear in its blue”,

The spring is in the child smile,

Hey gods, what’s this?

Darkness behind the silence had been lost,

In spite of despots in the air,

A kind of determination in cluster,

Warm and cozy,

Without stopping,

Hearts traveling in daydreams,

**Always” your songs tell things for no reason”,

Let the ignoring ones know about this,

We live,

Life is with us,

Ours is nothing but,

Artlessly naked smiles…



*Be Filled Black Cooking Pot, BeFilled _Bedri Rahmi Eyuboğlu

**Yaşar Kemal



A Heimatlos Child


While you are growing up in the prison of silence,

With the sound of the future in the crib of the World

You look like so cool,

So genial,

And so blue,

Your smiles hang on the sparrow wing,

It is such a moment,

In the void of the life’s heart,

Even though all hell broke loose in a blind nothingness,

Through the insistence of the Spring season,

We can look at the future,

As we take a look out of your cheeks,

We would be inside of a dream remaining from a red time,

So much so, that dream, that time

The great time of health and loveliness…





KAMBER DEĞİRMENCİ: Ha was born in Kayseri. He started teaching after he graduated from the Teacher’s Training College in 1974. Then he completed his associate degree program. He got his retirement in 2015. He worked in mass organizations and trade unions. He too went through the realities of the country. His first youth passion for poetry and painting has been kept alive on an amateurish level. He held solo and joint national as well as international exhibitions. His first poetry collection titled “Children Get Burnt Through Laments” was published by Cinius Publishing House. His second poetry book called “Artless and Bare-Naked Smiles” was printed in March 2020 by the same Publishing House. His painting journey continues.

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