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She Fights Back


She was barely nineteen,

When her parents married her

To a guy who was totally to her

Nevertheless, like an obedient daughter,

She accepted her parent’s wish

She belonging to a conservative family,

Didn’t meet her would-be

She met her for the first time

On their wedding night,

Completely engrossed in the dream

Of a happy future with her husband

She believed she will lead a very happy

New life with her husband

Who will love her unconditionally

Surrenders to her wishes

But these were all her fanciful dreams

As the really was something different

Expected immense love from him,

She saw his glimpse through her red veil

Who was approaching towards her

She thought it would be a memorable night

Where he will pour his love to her

But he crushed her badly,

She was not prepared for it,

And didn’t realize what happened to her.

In the morning, when she woke up,

She was all in bruises,

She didn’t know, what to do?

Whom to tell this nightmare?

All her friends were ringing her

And teasing her about her new beginnings

Her parents were elated

That they have completed their responsibility

Unknown about their daughter’s plight

And the girl was in such a shock

They she shivered seeing the shadow

Of the person who has become her owner

Still somewhere in her mind,

She was optimistic that he might change

That he might love her for her goodness

And that day will come one day

But he lusted for her

The more she became dutiful,

The more he turns to be arrogant

But she loved him by the core of her heart

So she always tolerated him

Every new day came with a torture

But she had a firm believe

That one day he will reciprocate her love

But that day never came

One day, she read an article

Then the thought came in her mind

And she realized the grave problem

That she was experiencing marital rape

Then she thought to resist

And she did with all her might

This was a new change in her

But in return, she was badly beaten

Insulted and humiliated by him

Even her in-laws behaved negatively

She turned towards her mother-in-law for support

Considering her woman

But she completely turned her side towards her son,

This is in fact the irony of our country

Where a woman considers as a slave of her husband

Though she was very young

But this didn’t come in her way

And she thought to fight against

Against the sadism of her husband

Which she is experiencing every night

And all the injustices which she has been witnessing

Since the first day of her marriage

And she did fight

She came back to parent’s home

Who requested her to reconcile with her husband,

As every parent in our society do

What an ironical thinking?

But this time she didn’t turn

To be a dutiful daughter

Like the earlier occasions

Daughters in our society are mostly submissive

They don’t have their choices

And throughout their lives

They have to surrender to the wills of others

But many break this stereotype notion

And she also did

She filed for a divorce

Though everybody persuaded her

Not to do this for the sake of her image

But she was firm in her determination

And fighting through legal ways

One day, she was able to free herself

From the shackles of marriage

Through in this process

She faced wrong charges and blames

Of being characterless

Which her husband and in-laws

Tried as a means to stop her

But they were not successful

She won her battle

Though in this struggle of hers

Only her close friends helped her

And society turned their back on her

After the trial was over

She started her new life

She enrolled herself in college

And started part-time job

After her studies

She started her business

To support women like her

And within few years

She became a successful entrepreneur

Now the same society respects her

And calls her a role model

But she knew how hard

It has been to fight

Against all odds and conventions

But one should never give up!


I Am A Little Flower


I am a little flower,

not a flower but a bud

of my parent’s humble garden

who have nourished me

by their blood and sweat

I wonder from woods to woods

searching grass and meadow

with my playmate horse

who is also

a source of earning

for my poor family

but the lust and revenge

of some savage monster

had crushed me forever

Why did you all do it so?

(Dedicated To Asifa Who Was Raped And Killed)



Sleep Indian Daughters Sleep


Sleep Asifa, Nirbhaya, Gudhiya

peaceful eternal sleep

because earth is not safe for you,

this patriarchal society has failed you,

humanity has failed you.

You struggled for security,

In the world of pervert and lunatics,

Nobody assured you safety,

at workplaces and public places.

You should have lived a beautiful life,

grown as strong individual.

But the lust of dirty individuals,

dreadful and heinous vultures,

have taken away your dreams,

your desire to live a happy life.

Now you are in heavenly abode,

with no fear to engulf you at any place,

No dirty stares to bear,

No pervert eyes on your body,

no subjugation to tolerate.

Tell God to grant security to every girl,

and other girl’s fate be like yours.




DR. SHAMENAZ is the Author, Co-Author, Editor and Translator of 23 international books which includes short stories collections, poetry anthologies, literary articles, criticism & travelogue. Her latest book is a multilingual anthology, Golden Words Multilingual Poetry Anthology. Being a prolific writer, she holds a D.Phil. in English Literature from University of Allahabad, India with a specialization in South Asian Writers, and New Literature. She is an orator and has been invited by many national and international Colleges & Universities to deliver lectures. She has published poems in many international magazines and journals around the globe. She is currently teaching English Literature at Rajarshi Tandon Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Allahabad since 2018. She has taught English Literature and Language at S. S. Khanna Girls’ Degree College, Ewing Christian College, Allahabad University and Communication Skills at Allahabad Institute of Engineering & Technology. She has professional experience for more than 18 years.  She has published 70 research papers in National & International journals across the globe and has presented papers in 55 National & Seminars/Conferences all over India. She is a member of the Editorial Board of many international journals, including Angloamericanae Journal (Macedonia), KJHSS (Azerbaijan) Anglisticum (Macedonia), IJRHS (Jordan), Cyber Literature: An Online Journal, The Context, English Literator Society, Literary Miscellany, Research Access & Expressions, Levure Litteraire (France-Germany-USA). She is also the Board of Director of Wildfire Magazine, USA. She is the Founder & President of Progressive Literary & Cultural Society, an international organization for the promotion of global literature & culture and has successfully organized Golden Words Uzbek Virtual Poetry Festival on 19th and 20th December 2020.

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