Sunday, August 1, 2021





Thorns, Kings And Supervillains


Raw, the world unfurls its thorns

Those damn pricks pierce bone and soul

With their ugly truths


Worlds wither, worlds rise afresh

The swirling, tangled petals of the rose

Will guard its perfume with its thorns


Gods, kings, supervillains lose their teeth alike

Dust columns rise from all our bones

Laughter and defiance should scare death


Naked, the moon remains so totally bored



Skipping Mornings


On my hands, the sands is running time

I always skip mornings


Mornings are for pigeons to dance on the windowsill

My dog agrees by changing his position

Yawning and continuing its slumber

'It's early, mom

More dreams wait for us'

Lately, I find noon a perfect time to start the day

You are lazy, they say

Yes, I am lazy at living but so busy at dreaming

Time here has no meaning

The crumbs of the morning I keep in a jar

From time to time, I shake it the way you do it with the snow balls

Little shards of dawn form a delicate lace for a split of a second

This way I preserve time

Others do that with cucumbers

Either way, the gravitational wave has glued time and space together

And a new jar rests on the shelf


Tequila Shots Of Summer


Cursed be the one who will ever drink again

Tequila shots, beer and pink champagne

What was in my mind... Sand it was

Not neurons, just blank sand crystals

Tomatoes crushed cells fighting with

This sun blessed morning, blessed in excess

With this made of blades sun whose only purpose is to slice my entire being

Bits and bits of me try to regather the whole picture in vain

And the pain, this hammer that knocks my template is similar with the persistent wave

That digs under my feet

tormenting my steps on the beach

Drunken, sun beaten, defeated I crawl

Under an umbrella craving for a pair of sun glasses

Next to me a person, someone who very well could be Eve herself offers me hers

Is that obvious? I ask

She nodded and stands up

I relax in her shadow

Oh, yes, she is Eve in person

A pair of thong and in rest only summer

The pain is gone

Life can start again

Suddenly all the waves are my friends

In the evening, on the porch

My ears get accommodated with the shrieks of the gulls

Time for a beer or a Eve or both




IULIA GHERGHEI, Romanian poet of English expression, graduated from University of Bucharest as information technology expert, has published her first poetry collection in 2012 at Prisoners of Cinema Paradiso was edited by Brian Wrixon. She mainly publishes her poems on Facebook. She was also published in many e-zines or poetry sites like Destiny Poets, where she received the honour to be chosen Poet of the year in 2012. In 2015 she won the poetry contest of the Blackwater Poetry group on Facebook. She was part of many anthologies, one of them being The Significant Anthology, anthology edited by Koshy A. V and Reena Prasad. In 2020 some of her poems were translated in Turkish by Baki Yiğit in several Turkish literary magazines. Also starting this year she has her own author page on site.

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