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Leaping At The Horizons


From far away, when I look at myself;

I find I am no more than a ship

Drifting slowly across the waters;


It has the power to move forward

Only so long as there is

Depthful water in the ocean;


My life depends on those breaths

Which keep my moments afloat;


I keep together my bars

Covered with glistening layers,

Looking like a never-ending festival;

Lights lights lights

Song and music at nights;


And winds howl at the

Tresses of young women

Standing on the eves

And enjoying the beautiful scenes


I am a wonderfully structured ship

Tested ok for every fault;

Yet, in spite of all the engines at work;

No water, no movement;


My destiny lies with the waters,

I can traverse miles

But riding on the waves;


They know where I am meant for;

Though horizons beckon to me

And my heart leaps at the call.



The Almighty: In A Monologue


When I create another Eden,

And another -Adam

And Eve,


The Garden will be

A garden of dead silence

Plastic birds flying up and down

Their voices imprisoned in GIF's.


And men gesturing with templates.

Nobody would talk.

They wil simply scribble

On mobiles fitted on their fingertips.


I have come up with an advanced model

Of man,

I call him Aman.

His brain has been shifted

To his fingertips.


I have taken away his legs

And given him a 500 G network

He can download or upload himself

Anywhere and anytime.


Yes, there will be a Tree of Ignorance

And I will ask my archangels

To turn butterflies

And tempt Eve in her sleep.


O that they could taste the

Fruit of Immortality!

And Innocence return

To my Realms devastated by Knowledge infernal.



The Sire


There is a sheet of green

A smoke screen

Some oceans

And mountains sublime.


My sun regularly shines

And moon regales the night

Oh I see birds chirp

And peacocks in frolick dance.


I am at peace.

These men I see walking on roads

Some hurrying in cars

And some in aero planes.


They are busy with themselves.

Or fighting the neighbour

But still busy

Never look up towards me.


It is good they think

They are makers of their destiny.

They made themselves too.

And they know when they will be lifted away.


Fools! I love their ignorance

Wrapped in intelligence.

And pity too,

The more they know, only pains they uncover.


I knew knowledge,

Little or a little or even the little

Would drain them out  of peace

And turn them into a restless race.


They are after nature,

Destroying forests, and rivers.

Their own worst enemies

Cooking a meal, they won't be left alive to eat.



A Part Of Vegetation


Those who are born by default

And dont know

Their parentage, are just grown

Like weedy growth


The impverished, the marginalised,

Fall from being men and women,

Are reduced to stomachs

Hands and labour.


Will no one  tell them

They are also human

Not only in face and speech

But in destiny also?


So little to eat, so few to think

So much to worry

So little to live by

Except fears of starvation.


I look at the people

In their meagre dwellings

Cooking food in a smoky room

And finding joy only in the woman's lap.


So richly is this world endowed

So happy in its possessions

Islands of Poverty

In the surrounding seas of plenty




Dr Jernail Singh Anand, Ph.D (P.U.Chd) , MBA, D.Litt. and Ph.D, (Honoris Causa), recipient of NAJI NAAMAN LITERARY AWARD 2020 is one of the leading world poets, scholars, and philosophers whom Global Literary Icon Dr. Maja Herman Sekulic has described as: “One of the greatest philosophers among poets, and one of the greatest poets among philosophers."  He is Chairman of Aazaad Foundation and World Literature India  and organized WORLD POETRY CONFERENCE III from 5th to 13th June, 2021. in which 130 poets from 30 coubtries participated. He is recipient of Naji Naman Literary Award 2020 and  Professor Emeritus [Hony] in Indian Literature, The European Institute of Roma Studies and Research, Belgrade, Serbia.  Author of 90 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality and philosophy, his reputation as a poet rests mainly on his scintillating work in critical theory:' 21st Century Critical Thought' Vol 1,  Vol 2  and Vol 3 and  Epics:  'Mahabharat: The War of Words', 'Geet: The Unsung Song of Eternity',   'The Satanic Empire'  'The Ganturbury Tales'  'The Plague: The Metaphor is Dead' and his latest epic 'The Master: The Return of the Prophet' which reworks Khalil Gibran's 'The Prophet'. He has innovated the Theory of Biotext (along with Dr. Roghayeh Farsi, Iran.) Dr. Anand was the President of  World Poetry Conference in Oct. 2019 and is the Founder President of  Galaxy International Foundation and Chairman, World Literature India. He was recently nominated as Extraordinary Ambassador for Nazi Naaman Foundation Lebanon.

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