Sunday, August 1, 2021





It Wasn´T Meant To Be


These verses of regret

They are my dedication

To you, golden-haired boy

From some distant past

The only one of all the others

Who loved me with all his heart


Forgive me if you can

Because I was too young

And I couldn't know

How much suffering is caused by

The one who leaves without words


Why am I wondering now

How love just melted away

Why didn't we last forever

Why I stopped loving you

And why some good girls

Always fall on the bad guys





How I would like to turn back time

to correct and change something,

to stay away from some people,

to keep some words quiet,

to avoid some situations,

to oversleep some events,

to turn into another street,

to be somewhere else,

to travel somewhere far away,

to miss some challenges,

to accept some ideas,

to take advantage of some opportunities,

to choose the right side,

to be the creator of my own destiny,

not to depend on anyone

and finally to realize

that I have only myself



The End (Sunset)


Once I draw the line

At the end of my journey

I will only wish for one thing

To dive into the sea of colors

On the fiery canvas of heaven

Looking at the sun

And never to come back




JASMINA SFILIGOJ was born on August 9, 1963 in Zagreb. Her love for poetry has been present since early childhood, and began to develop in elementary school, in the literary group, when the first poems were written. After a long break, she continued to write in 2018, and so far her poems have been published in twenty international poetry collections and several literary magazines. She has received numerous certificates and accolades for her work. In the near future, the first independent collection of poems is planned.     


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