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Gold Leaf


We all come closer

As we're pleasure seeker


Go get some sleep dear

Tomorrow is nearer


The days and the nights

We have seen better


When no one was greedy

Only honest and purer


Someone must choose

The love to remember


For me making love

Is as sacred as a prayer


Demands full attention

Concentration and care


I just miss his style of it

Boring are all of the other


Tomorrow never comes

Seize the moment forever


Hiding in the gold leaves

Is Venus shy of her lover


Love is like a landslide or

Is a ride on a roller coaster


Love creates confusion and

Tensions for the new comer


There are very few poets

Only doctors and engineer


Love bounds you in its arms

You cannot leach its driver


A Yin to your Yan!


"And Greek name of Jupiter was

Zeus.. So am I your Olympias? "

"Olympus. You are my river Nile

I will write illyad and Odyssey

Upon you, I will build Taj mahal

In recognition of my lucid dream


Of your epicurean finest beauty

Eclectic Supreme artistic delicacy!"

"Kingdom of heaven is for you to

Conquer now show your ability!"


" Every inch of you is cream my Gem

I tease them to some treat royal.


Even my toes are hungry for your touch.

With golden chains jingling around


my ankles producing sweet loving

melodies with your every move, touch


My love traces back to my days juvenile

You are my happiness stockpile


You are my all-important digestive bile.

I rally behind your sans any rile.


My ecstasy, my flamboyant fact file.

Even your silhouette makes me smile.


Sends shivers even to my spinal chord.""

Is the softness and hotness below


My belt your destination and desire?"

"My providential blessing, not to be


Frittered away without putting my arms

And ammunition into the fight with guile."


" Your words open me like a flower from bud,

it's extra ordinarily hilarious


Do u like my opening ceremony

Blossoming under your care and


waters. I am your mermaid and

you're my ocean. I will be sleeping


with you keeping your male hood elated.

And you keep my feminity satisfied!


as if I am the Yin to your Yan. "

" My tryst and your trust would turn


Into some temple, tomb talismanic

My magnum opus, Miss universe!


You are intrinsic, exquisite, I protect

You during every duress, my countess!


I will go on for the extravaganza

As if there is no tomorrow So


I suck the twin towers on toggle

with swift regularity and judicious


periodicity. So cool and cosy a caress

I go all out to devour the delicate walls.


Inside the wonderful world of the tunnel

I swallow your sweet smell and breath,


the sweat too. My journey swift into

you with drifting of my shaft!


Glides in. I dribble my love stick

inside the astroturf of the tunnel


The plush interiors of magnificence

exceptional inquisitive. My bulging balls! 


Selfless Love


Majnu said on his every verse

That Laila said it! Selfless love!

He owned nothing but belonged

Totally to his beloved, nothing left

He saw only Laila in the mirrors,

Everywhere, in everything and all!

My address is not so hidden , I am

still there where you had left me!!

You said it was a play game for you

to understand anyone, so if I had

Understood you, what's so big deal!

I say whatever you said, became you!

You disciplined me but not yourself.

I didn't believe in limitations before

Control is basic need of management

Limit is the necessity of mortal life!

You have got practical wisdom and

Always prefer your own benefit, safety!

You Say things as per the demand

Of time and occasion, then forget it!



NAILA HINA: A former Navy engineering University Instructor and an engineer and a manager in top notch firms, an internationally acclaimed award winning author and poetess from Karachi Pakistan. Naila Hina has published twenty two books this year in many languages and awarded as the " Best Writer of the Decade" and also got the "Best Collaborator Award Of The Decade" from World Press Agency, in addition to dozens of international awards and diplomas daily. Her published books include " Bahisht e Char Saat." Shadows of the Sun, Cosmic Dreams, Labor Of Love, Hayat e Javedan, Life is Eternal, Fragrance Of A Cave Girl, Shajar e Muhabbat, Love on Limbo, Qafla Bahaar Ka, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol Jardin Del Amor, Love can wait, Chains of happiness, her first Persian anthology Deewan: Koh' e Muattar, Faramushi, An Apple Of His Eyes, Cagito Ergo Sum, Prisoners Of One Moment, Beyond Dreams And Stars, etc Naila Hina is a friend of the world, best writer, columnist, best debator, singer and the C.E.O of World Press Agency Pakistan, APCESX business group, USA. Naila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in Mechanical Engineering with MBA and CMA. She is " Author Of The Year " nominee and " Literary Captain " at StoryMirror. Multitalented she has written poems and books since childhood. The multilingual poems by Naila Hina first published in Bahisht e char Saat, her first book and her other books including Shadows of the Sun, A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol and also published in other international magazines.

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