Sunday, August 1, 2021






Orbit through the eyes of the dispossessed

walking around in pandemic stream,

defiant of death as an inscription upon birth!


Surreal episodes of countless masks made of debris,

similar in shape to the blue ones, but like a joke to many

uncaring government leaders looking at them under

their blue (even fashionable) security filter over

their noses and mouths.


Fence by yourself as always!

Die by yourself as always!


When you are gone,

we will tally your bodies instead

for statistics do count!



Broken Childhood


We have seen children with weeping bones

all memories lodged in paths of flesh and blood

children with broken hands, broken smiles, broken souls

as broken as the word “P E A C E”!


We have seen children with dead eyes

looking at the dirt in which they rest forever now

forgotten maybe in a tomb with no name or flowers

but present in a picture taken by someone


We reach for that rage that comes from inside

an indignation that becomes conscious

attached to strings of unavoidable tears

and a poem gets written as solitary hope


Where do all the tortured innocents rest after all?

On the walls of civilization as a portrait perhaps,

another history book so we remember wars?

The cold stare of those that kill them to gain power?


Could it be in the memory of poets screaming

"Silence is a crime too!”, every time a child dies

as if the whole world would really listen

embracing together against all evilness?


A bird amidst shells and cries,

you will plant flowers

over the sores of blood!



Just Friday



I am woman

seeking the truest

denotation of life!


Thousand vortices of daring vigor

where my all my tiny steps can

be turned into a rhizome

spreading potentials

for spiritual and flesh reveries,

not these aromas of virtual life

           - so futile -

for I am getting lost in solitude.


Never to deceive my eyes

and these hands full of warmth.


Never to lose the grip on time,

the love call offering a pulsing emotion.


Never to miss the only door

to sacred rhapsody!




LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ (Puerto Rico). Bilingual author. Poet, narrator, editor, anthologist, translator, prologist, lecturer, cultural promotor.  Her poetry is translated into more than 20 languages and published in books by selected authors, literary magazines and international multilingual anthologies. Has participated in International Poetry Festivals, Congresses, Expo-Colloquiums, Book Fairs, in many countries. International traveler learning about diverse cultures and life perspectives.

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