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To Editor Kinga Młynarska

Glimmer of a falling star

aroused his imagination.

Suddenly he grasped,

that he needs something different.

He wants a gift. A will to survive.

Not to live as

caked with reaches,

but as a common human.

Such, who in

the kingdom of existence


delight in a stone,

to see,

that close by the world is happening,

and in it world bustles.


Appetite For Life


Every sunless afternoon

thumped in him with a flashback,

still reminding that joy,

which he had to hide from the world.


Can one silence the truth with an eclipse?



which wasn’t a fairy tale.


almost within a hand’s reach,

only missing a courage, decision,

and something else.


How was he to say,

he found a journey of dreams?

How was he to decide

for departure,

when there’s a void in the wallet?


He understood though that

in the sun, the rain,

the cloudy or the sunny day,

one has to work,

for the appetite for life

to cease being just that.

Awakening The Memory


Who will lead us

through death of the closest ones,

when we’ll remain alone?


Who will help get up?


Have to carry

the new reality

– life without…


We – forlorn,

raise up, we fight

Albeit petrified,

let’s prove,

everything still prevails.


Let’s not forget,

that dead stay silent

– awakening the memory

is on the side of the living.


Translated By Ula De B



ELIZA SEGIET graduated with a Master's Degree in Philosophy at Jagiellonian University. Received Global Literature Guardian Award – from Motivational Strips, World Nations Writers Union and Union Hispanomundial De Escritores (UHE) 2018. Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2019 and 2021. Laureate Naji Naaman Literary Prize 2020, International Award Paragon of Hope (2020). World Award 2020 Cesar Vallejo for Literary Excellence. Laureate of the Special Jury Sahitto International Award 2021, World Award Premiul Fănuș Neagu 2021. Finalist Golden Aster Book World Literary Prize 2020.It is in the last stage of an international competition Mili Dueli 2020. At the international Festival of Poetry CAMPIONATO MONDIALE DI POESIA (2021/2022) she won the title of vice-champion of the world. Award BHARAT RATNA RABINDRANATH TAGORE INTERNATIONAL AWARD (Marc 2022).


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