Saturday, October 1, 2022





When you don't give me love,

I am a desert.

When your voice is gone,

I am a silence

When your eyes are gone,

I am in the dark.

Come back,

to bloom again,

come back,

to dawn again,

come back,

to smile again.


You Are


You are my tear shed in four walls,

restless butterfly in my womb,

a look I can't hide,

a song I write late at night,

a gentle breeze caressing my face,

a secret that I hide from everyone,

unanswered questions,

a book that I want to read again and again,

a shaky hand,

forbidden apple,

a shadow that walks after me

a name I dare not

to say it out loud

my first spark in my eyes

and my last stop.


The Poet


Quiet night,

filled with many stars in the sky,

my thoughts to you

who knows how many times already,

they lead me again.

I can't you don't give me

tonight, I close my eyes,

I can't sleep like you.

I get out of bed,

I sit on a chair

with bloodshot eyes

thirsty for sleep.

I put a white paper in front of me,

I love through poems

to call you,

through verses to make it easier for me

at least to throw everything out for a while.

It's already midnight,

my body is tired,

I'm still sitting awake,

I draw on white paper,

here I leave my soul

on these white pages

my destiny is written.




MARINA DODEVSKA: (1998, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia), is a student at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, a poetess, and a journalist. Her poetry has been translated into English, Bulgarian, Serbian, and French. She is the winner of numerous prizes for poetry and prose in Macedonia and abroad.



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