Saturday, October 1, 2022



When You Return Again


Can it last longer

can it be stronger like a first kiss

sealed into an endless kiss for eternity

drops of dawn dew on your forehead

white sails on a blue summer sea, blue sky

the deep touch of humanity on my sleeve

a dove I met at a street corner, fed

on my last crumbs of bread.

A dove, carries on her wings all the questions

and anxieties, all the sins of the day

releasing our burdens, and dissolving

harmful experiences, thoughts of the last decade.

So, when you kiss me again today, tomorrow

next week, like a new day without cares                                                                                     with free wings of happiness in your conscious

and unconscious mind.                                  

Keep the green meadows of affection

A passionate new kiss is sealed on our lips

Save this moment for your body like a new birth

opportunities belong in the heart of life

like green meadows of affection

© Roula Pollard


The Sea Does Not Want To Drown


To drown where? Can the sea drown

to itself, does it have sorrow, wounds, pain

intense raw passion? Has her lover deserted her?

I am with her, she is always in my heart

her arteries blocked

I hear her voice, she hears mine, when? every morning

when she enters the bedroom like a man

bereft of a lover, she sits next to me.

Do I hear her clearly? Still sleeping

I hear clearly her heart.

The bedroom keeps its secrets when

the sea weeps. She kneels, then

wipes her tears, her lost voice

until she finds, her body, her will.


Who remembers the previous night?

All is like a dream of incredible reality

is reality vague in a dream?

All may be reality.

All may be a dream.


The ice

on the poles melts, do our brains sleep?

©Roula Pollard


Has Nature Lost Its Way?


When on long nights, I hear sudden cries perhaps coming out

from white pillow feathers, do you exist in the same world

my friend, in which continent do you live?

Are the nights strange there too, blending with yellow

like swollen pieces of sky hanging from the ceiling

in the next room, or from your dreams?

Are the days confused like drunken birds in the sky?

There are some white days too

pure white without illusion

mixed with pollution.


The over - polluted environment

gives birth to white days

mixed with a sea of lies

by the United Lies corporation

with white and dark.

Where is the unlimited

truth hidden?


If you go to the beach today, my friend,

greet the sea, ask her for forgiveness too

for my silence and your ignorance,

you know the waves

are searching

for their peace


© Roula Pollard




ROULA POLLARD is a bilingual poet born in Santorini, Greece. She is an inspirational poet, writer, translator, literary promoter, social and environmental activist. She has four poetry books published “Presence, “Points of Silence”, the “Birth of Time” in Greek and “Century of Love” in English, which was translated into Telugu. She has received a number of international Poetry awards and participated in international poetry festivals. Her work has been included in more than 180 International Poetry anthologies and published in literary magazines around the world. Roula has promoted the work of more than 165 poets, writers, and artists worldwide. Translated into eleven languages, she is International Peace Ambassador for the “World Institute for Peace”, CEO for “Sharing Friends of the Art’s Hollywood international”, member of the board of Directors of “Atunis Galaktika”,” E-Zine”, and “Athena” magazines, Greek representative for “International Forum for Creativity and Humanity”, “Waheed Musah Center for Humanity and Humanitarian Development” and also committee member for “ Rinascimento Renaissance Millennium III”. Roula has received an Honorary PhD from the International Forum for Creativity and Humanity.

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