Saturday, October 1, 2022



Fatal Insomnia

(for Sagittarius)


All night, insomnia was stalking me,

from the corners of thought to

the corners of a room.


I watched her, as she swept all

ideas, rewrote scores, ruffled seasons

by many anxieties,

and silenced answered lyrics.


Emotions that move down fingers

to the hidden places of the universe,

ran through all my wilderness,

like in the last act of ballet,

me dressed in red, insomnia dressed

in black.


Me like a black swan,

hardly finding a way back to myself,

to claim my right to love,

asked my love for the moon in the sky,

and he gave it to me.


With yellow roses

catching in my hair like petal stars,

from my brow is written:

“Life is eternal love!”


So many butterflies!

So many flights!


In my eyelashes.



Eternal Word


With the last word in existence

Love penetrates the distance.

Mind’s eyes looking so far

Mysterious love we are.


Life: our fighting with the words:


No matter the distance to be loved

Souls are catalyzed words.


I close my eyes. I’m blind...

My lips investigate your land.

Kissed lips in millions of colors

Tested skins in taboo flavors.


My lips taking your breath

Touched bodies on Earth.

We fight until the last sword

That love is the ‘‘eternal word’’.



One Verse


I lick my juvenile wounds

with the tongue of life.

The angels hang from heaven

with broken string harps


It disturbs me the white as infinity,

between love and destiny.


Unforgiving time climbs on a scale of values,

which holds in hands

good deed’s map.


I take you by the hand,

extending another hand to the sky.

I cannot ask for anything…


Unforgiving God looking at me;

he argues with all.


Love is not so simple, says He.

It is like the life—

only one verse,

depends how you recite it.

(c) danielavoicu



DANIELA VOICU is a Romanian poet, editor and painter. In 2018, she was awarded the prestigious honor of Romania Beat Poet Laureate (Lifetime) by the National Beat Poetry Foundation, Inc. based in Connecticut, USA.  Her poems have been published in international magazines, journals and various anthologies. Her poetry collections include: Poems of Angels (2006), Blue in Vitro (2012), Surfing Silence (2012), Windows Without Dreams (eBook 2012) and Sky Hands (2012), Vunerable breeze (2013) Sunset and love (2013) and Plan for seduction (2014), Tatto Time, Love in Braille (2015).  In 2009, she founded the international journal of culture and literature, Cuib Nest Nido; and in 2011 she founded the international poetry festival of music and contemporary art, The Art of Being Human.


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