Saturday, October 1, 2022



Helpless Present


Why today

Shining Sun feels disabled

To erase black spots in time space

Inner darkness is crying loud



Cool & soothing moonlight

Is caught in a fix to satisfy

Inner sub-conscious mind's vision



Water! The source of life is carrying

Flowing with structure of death on its chest

Why species in water are still thirsty



The East winds seem pouring


Perhaps forgot to sing songs of love

Songs in separation echoing in air



Mother Earth is dripping tears in distress

Carrying the load of our cruel attitude

Concrete sky-scrapers are swelling

It's lush green fields & pastures


Light will flash

When our inner flame may get lit

Sun of soul will rise to shine

Moon of minds may sprinkle cool rays

Love & peace may dance all around

(c)Jagjit Singh Jandu(Jit)


As I Feel & Wish


Living life

In all its phases

Enjoying all ecstasy

And painted sorrows

Scattered over all stages


Lived all

Colours of relations

And close friendship

Found none to care

Selfish motives confront


Tried to pour out

All pains through my verses

In a hope to shun all darkness

It engulfed my being tight

As pages if life got painted muse


Feel fed up

With everything I loved or lived

Just wish, you bless me

That my beats feel laced with

Recitation of your sacred name


Maybe it spiritual

I wish to experience you behind

The closed lids of my eyes

Feel ecstasy in watching you

In your infinite shapes & colours

(c) Jagjit Singh Jandu(Jit)


Sleep & Suggestion


Sleep has never been

friendly with me

Ideas floating in mind

Memories flashing bright


Your remembrance

Always soothes my mind

And my being feels at heart,

Ecstasy in playing with insight


You asked me, sleep with peace

Read your poems was the plight

My soul lost in an ecstatic dance

It was You in virtual substance


What a strange suggestion

Intoxicating & full of passion

As if my poems are sleeping pills

Ease my mind, save from peril


A great honour to my poetry

Blended with love extraordinary

Words were simple but soothing

No sleep, but love roses start blooming

Jagjit Singh Jandu (Jit)




JAGJIT SINGH ZANDU is from Mohali, Punjab India. He is a bilingual poet, writes in Punjabi & English. He has published an anthology of poems "Journey of Love to Salvation" and has contributed his poems to over 2 dozen of International Anthologies in addition to OUR POETRY ARCHIVE and some other online magazines. His poems are philosophical in nature with a spiritual touch.

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