Saturday, October 1, 2022



Water Is The Source Of Life

(Glaciers are a natural resource of Kyrgyzstan)


Mountains of my homeland

On top of the glaciers

They are as if painted

They are pearl.


Mountains as if ascended,

Close to the sky, close to the clouds.

Mountains are immutable

I love it - they are so high.


Glaciers are an environment,

They are easy for the soul!

Mountains have a mind

The thoughts are like the elders.


Glaciers on top

If they exist, there is life!

Stay like ice floes

We cannot separate.


Therefore, it is necessary

Protect our environment

Appreciate and know the truth:

We'll be in trouble without them.


Unfortunately, we don't hear.

We exterminate the Earth-Mother.

How can we in this life

The main thing is not to notice?


Glaciers are an eternal

Everyone needs to save water

After all, the resource is not infinite

We can't bring trouble!


Mount Gauyan

(Mountain, which is located in the city of Aidarken)


The blue of heaven, without a flaw,

Supported by the Guayan Mountains.

Rocky heights of Aydarken,

Live forever in my heart.

I wish the Motherland a lot of goodness

When I pray, ask all the time:

-Let my land live prospering,

No troubles, shocks, I pray about it.

I want the Kyrgyz to live for centuries,

I want people to be healthy.

And in this holy Motherland,

There would be an abundance.

I saw an eagle's nest,

And it is firmly in my memory,

On the slopes of majestic mountains,

I remember the nest from my teenage years.

I am full of good hopes,

Thoughts are flying up and down,

I admire the colorful flowers

And beauty without any words.

And it's uplifting

I want to capture the moment

Oh, how many secrets are on your stones.

Guayan mountains, I give you a verse.


Happiness Has Come


Late, but the happiness has arrived:

- I will tell you my secret, my way.

It says the happiness, taking my wrists,

- I want to scare the "sluggish" dreams away.


It all seemed to be handed out as it should be.

And I was the only one who was left out,

No matter what I asked, I didn’t have the key…

The dream didn’t come true, it was in doubt.


Life is like a camel's hump, and it's true,

Life as a wild hawk, then like a nightingale.

I turned my feelings into ice, I got so blue,

I didn’t believe in people, in a magic tale.


Fate sifted us through the sieve,

I didn't stop trying and gained strength.

From the bad days, only resentment remains,

The good days passed as a fairy tale,

But without the length.


A hole in the bottom - hope is empty,

I’ve mended all my life's flaws.

And no matter how much I endured suffering,

I waited for happiness, but without applause.


I didn’t give up my efforts, even though I was sad,

Suffered in humiliation, pain, and anger,

Luckily, life changed - the moment has come,

Happiness has arrived, not the sorrowful tears.


The morning after the night is back again,

The withered grass of longing has burned away,

Happiness has come, no blemishes, no wormholes,

Despite troubles, my soul and heart rejoice and play.


Only the patient wins in our life

Who believes in purpose, walks confidently,

You turn to a corner there is a victory awaits,

The sky doesn’t always rain gray,

Happiness may come suddenly.




ERALIEVA UMUTKAN POLOTOVNA: She was born on July 1968, 12 in the village of Kok-Zhar in the Nookat district of the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan. Poet, writer, publicist. Member of the National Union of Writers of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Union of Journalists of Kyrgyzstan, the Union of Writers of North America, the Eurasian Guild of Writers (London). Author of dozens of books.


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