Saturday, October 1, 2022



I'm Here


and you are late.

Yesterday at dawn

after the sun's rays

I was running to say hello to the sea.


Staring at the cloud pattern

backlit by the peeking of the moon

before the greatness of the universe,

I could not even pick up my pen.


I don't make poems at night

they dream with me and wake up at dawn -

talkative that it is impossible to tame them.


Don't leave the day, don't close this poem.

You know even the constellations can't light up the dark

when the town is asleep and the birds are strangely silent.




You hear the silence

how it smells like raspberry,

cornflowers and bee anxiety.


Music in the distance

the cricket is playing.

Hear in your heart baby


Or maybe this meadow

the scorching heat,

ears of corn in a deep bow.


They whisper thank you

for the effort of hard work,

busy hands.


Yes it sings

talks, plays, dances,

in solitude it resounds.


Then the world blooms

the colors of the rainbow -

all nature matures.


When Dreams Fall With The Stars


I was arranging this day calmly

with slight enthusiasm.

I fed the newcomers

thanks, I appreciated the work.


I cleared my mind of unrealistic plans -

obeyed, came back humble.

A wicker chair was waiting in the garden,

even the clock ticked off the hours slower.


In a moment the night will free the swarms of Perseids,

your souls will shine with lights for a moment.

Wishes captured will come true -

well, maybe just a few.


And then the sky turned sad

clouds obscured every isthmus.

Hiding my face in my hands, I cried regret,

you were gone, hopes will not be fulfilled.




JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK: She was born on May 22, 1957. in Świebodzice. Winner of many poetry competitions. Member of the "Witryna" Literary Association in Stalowa Wola. Member of the "Kwadrat" International Literary and Artistic Group in Krakow. Member of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw. Member of the "Poetic Conversation with God" Poetic Group. Warsaw. A member of the "Peron Literacki" poetic group A member of the "Poetic Phoenix Feather" Group Has published four volumes of poems: She is the co-author of six literary notebooks, twenty anthologies, including five international ones. Her poems are regularly published in the international monthly "OUR POETRY ARCHIVE ONLINE MONTHLY POETRY JOURNAL". Founder of the Non-affiliated Group of Poets "Saffo" at GBP in Zebrzydowice

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