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Poem To Frida Kahlo


From night to night my life has a fragment

that nobody recognizes

the shadow of a lost story

that remains hidden under the stone of insanity and its mystery 


Tell me Frida, in which skies of the fog did you ask for mercy

to heal the wound that pierces like a thorn

the duality of life and its destiny? 


In what waters of time did you see the reflection of your face shine?

In what seas of fire did you find the truth that even burning

on the bed of misery they revealed for you

the indecipherable oracle of faith and its wonder? 


Howls of the xoloitzcuintli * we hear among the forests of insomnia

packs of omens haunting those shaky nights

revelations in the space of lonely dreams

to recreate in the middle of the world

of bitterness and its terrors the colorful

beauty of the soul

the transparency of a star and its sweetness 


Tell me Frida how much love remains

between the arteries of a troubled heart?

Tell me how to understand the unresolved love that wanders

between the millennial labyrinths?


What picture did you paint for Diego?

What poem did you write?

What song, what words to dissolve the broken hopes

in the rain of a warm morning? 


Because under the dark voice of thunder

we are prey to the fiery mouth of the abyss

praying to a God to find a light that protects us

begging for a moment of peace where the flight of birds

be the wings of the archangels that shelter

our naked and hungry bodies

with the eternal thirst to love and be loved 


Under the shadow of the poplars ** we will make a talisman

with the colors of twilight

to be able to see the clarity of the road

that was always there for the world

from the beginning of time. 

*Mexican dog

** Mexican tree


Wheel Of Life


In the immense wheel of life

the world turns

and the souls go

on their long journey

in their eternal silent search

to find the peace

that cannot be felt

under the shadow of the days


A light breeze

between pines and birches slips soft

secret language of the universe

that speaks to us with its rhythm and cadence

to remind us that life is here and now

and from a peaceful sky mystical and eternal

words descend like raindrops

the name that cannot be pronounced

primordial sound of Origin

cosmic egg of time


Open your eyes

Open your ears

to the synchronous flow of the wind

to the lotus flower that opens

to the hummingbird's jade color

to the dance of the butterfly

that in its flight carries the message of the angels


Hear the whisper of the four elements

summon the invisible breath in each:


Mother Earth

loving Gaia


Mother of life

blessed Pachamama


Grandfather fire

strike me in your flame

ancestral fire

in the tantric heart of lovers


Eternal wáter

sing to me with your memory

ancient rain that caresses my soul


Air from the four cardinal points

flow little by little

open paths for me


On the sacred mountain

the condor and the eagle unite

in the lines of time

a prophecy has been born.




Long road...

the sky dyed between purple and gray

hides the voice of my prayers,

my soul feels captive

like the one that one day cried

along the rivers of Babylon.


In silence the pain tears apart the world,

covered mouths that learn to shut up

while the birds still sing

under the fleeting shadow of tree of Life.


In the waves of the port of Beirut

the last memory of a Phoenician poem

was left under the infernal rubble.


The tribulation does not end,

wars, fires from east to west,

we are defenseless children in the eternal history of life,

we are broken hearts, catastrophes, fissures.


May the night come to sleep the deepest sleep,

may no one wake me up,

I want to dream of paradises,

may the uncertain destiny and its samsara

stop for a moment."




MARLENE PASINI: Mexico. Communicologist, writer and editor, visual artist. Psychotherapist and coach in transpersonal education, master's degree in literature, diploma in history and Egyptology. She is the author of 15 books of poetry, novel, essay and personal development. She has received more than 200 international certificates and awards, as well as some appointments such as: Cultural director of the International Forum Creativity and Humanity, Morocco, Cultural Counselor of the Fayad Egypt-Lebanon Cultural Forum, President of the Mexican Academy of Modern Literature, Mexico City. World Ambassador of Peace, literature and culture by the International Association of Poets and Writers, AIPEH, Inc. United States, Lumbini World Peace Forum, Nepal, Grihaswamini Magazine, India, ASIH SASAMI Indonesia Foundation. High doctoral degree HC, in Education for Peace, human development and culture by the Dissertation Council of High Doctoral Degrees AHCASA, Mexico “Gobe the first” Award as Leading Woman, Mexico. Awards for her literary career: Diamond Star Distinction and Immortal Award by the International Circle of Journalists, Mexico, 2018. Ibero-American Literature Award by the Fundación Liderazgo Hoy A.C., Mexico 2019 Recognition of Mexican Letters by the Academy of Literature and by Casas del Poeta, A.C., Mexico, 2019. First place with Certificate and medal as: International Literary Public Figure at the 11th Crimean Literary Festival, May 2021 Participation in 160 virtual International Exhibitions in 34 countries and 6 Exhibitions in Mexico endorsed with Certificates of participation. Literary personal appearances in Morocco and Egypt. Publication of her literary work in more than 50 cultural magazines, anthologies and interviews at the international level.

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