Saturday, October 1, 2022




Love Marriage


my love I wreathe around you

my arms in intense intertwine

lips to lips in nocturnal flame

cleaving billows of the ocean

along the shores of raging tides


I am the amorous green creeper

freshly bathed in the dewy drizzle

of luscious senses of the pure night

climbing up your virile bark in swirls

my wriggling soul in incensed whorls


we have pilfered time for loving each other

in the surge of the storm wheezing past

the turbulence of deep silent permeation

our kisses piercing our innards to our depths

the lilting waves of cataracts in fierce flow


as we fall asleep our vibrancy surges to

the peak of our saturated hallowed love

we rest like birds and bees the seers of nature

in midnight bonding away from prying daylight

our love-laden slumber a piece of eternity ---


Fire Flies Holy


Up on the verdant silver hills

The picturesque gleamy stills

Peaks calling loud on vales

In fiery peace beyond gales

Motions fervent high and low

Yearning winds warmly blow

Glow-worms sparkling lights

On radiant holy ecstasy nights

Summit pierces down in love

As dreamy plains gaze above

With serene impassioned breeze

Blowing among rocks and trees ---


Sun shines now in amorous rays

As it dances in lambent waves

I dive into the fathomless deep

Meeting you and me in rising sleep

Incandescent ballet chimes within

Our river and sea weds outside the din---


Rivers Meet


a slice of moon

    a spark of love

in the hush of clasped souls

    in the depth of darkness

along those faraway banks

    of rivers in coitus

waters mingle in fragile fluidity

    the horizon bending to

kiss the Palamau pinnacles

    while the lilting music of the spheres

celebrate our effusion of love

    tearing at the heart strings

in quivering fear of

    the moment of parting ---


those two swallows

    on the treetop

sleep in each other’s wings

    with dream clouds sailing

 across the midnight-blue

    hearts, arms, bodies in pulsation

bonfires lit all around

    spots of light and fireflies

flickering in the nightscape ---


      are those lamps of jubilation

            or funeral pyres of love soon to die

                  with betrayal already

                        simmering on the edge ---

we lived several trillion

    years of togetherness

along the banks of the golden

    Subarnarekha espousing the Kharkai

in those minuscules of time

    stolen out of ordinariness

snatched away from life

    though poverty kept shivering in the cold

with no human blankets to protect ---


we flowed still with the merging rivers

      in the tremor of love’s fickle being

            in the knowledge of knowing

                   in the abandon of loving

                         at Nature’s rendezvous of the streams ---




Prof. Dr. LAKSMISREE BANERJEE is an established Poet, Writer, Editor, Literary Critic, Educationist & practicing Vocalist, with many National and International Publications & Awards to her credit. She is a Senior Fulbright Scholar & Professor (USA), Commonwealth Scholar (UK), National Scholar & Gold Medalist of Calcutta University, India, UGC Post-Doctoral Research Awardee and Founder Pro-Vice Chancellor & Ex Vice Chancellor of Kolhan University, India. Prof. Banerjee is a well-known Keats Scholar and also an acclaimed Scholar (sponsored & awarded by the University Grants Commission) for her pathbreaking Research and Academic contributions in the significant area of the Comparative Studies of World Women Poets. As a University Professor of English & Culture Studies, Dr. Banerjee has taught, and lectured in premier Universities across the globe and also recited her Poetry & Music in several Literary Festivals & International Conferences in many countries and Cities of USA, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and Asia.  She has Nine published Books of Poetry (two more forthcoming), with One Hundred Twenty Research Publications in Journals, Anthologies across the world and several Academic Books. Her Poems and Articles have been widely published and anthologized.  She has been felicitated by the Sahitya Akademi (Indian National Academy of Letters) as “A Scholar-Artiste and a Poet-Musician”. Of her many Awards the Reuel International Lifetime Achievement Award for Literature, the Global Panorama Book Award, Kala Ratnam Award, the Tunisian-Asian Society Award for Literary Arts and the Women Achievers Award need special mention. As a University Professor, Writer & Administrator of Higher Learning, she was also The President of India’s Nominee on Central University Boards. She is a Sr. Rotarian and a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow deeply involved with her Pen and Voice as instruments of Equality, Social Transformation and International Understanding

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