Saturday, October 1, 2022



Think Of It As Love


Think of it as love as no more of it my vehement serene love, no more

Can I let the decadal scintillation disown itself to the momentary water

Shallower in depth with wicked potential to cast smother

On the entire lit table spread between us on this inky candle-light evening.


Think of it as love as I serve to you my deep-seated proclivity

In the contours of your wishes to win over and over your appetite

For which I chased the perfect sushi rice, vinegar, sugar, and salt

Blend of them can make your rose-colored lips tickle the spoon.


Think of it as love as I unfold before you an esoteric diamond ring

Preserved in my comfortable fingers for swaying your wine red nails

Dipped in the French kisses of reflecting rays turning me on the way

And I get intimate for seconds again with a distant affaire.


Think of it as love as I fill to overflowing the silent wooden floor

With musical romanticism depicting freedom of vibrant emotions

In a flurry you go away from me and near to the handmade wallpaper

Next to a portrait of Diana and Henry all smiles and twinkling semblances.


Think of it as love as I open the door of car to let you in with good reasons

None to accelerate or disentitle you from a seat beside or behind me

All your preferences are priced in zillions of venues we drove through

Riding off to dwelling place protected by your graceful charity and goodwill.


Golden Tales


She walked in dust full of ants,

Lifting dry cow-dung,

Then pasting on mud walls,

She repeated the process,

Again the next day,

With no stomach filled breakfasts,

And only leftover grains.


He observed her for linear days,

Visiting the village to make,

Impressed by her courage,

Her loyalty for land,

Stood in determination,

To marry her one day.


She disagreed with the said,

Sell your land or daughters,

Injustice was meant in alternatives,

Don’t count on anyone,

Greed and lust is what they have,

But you will escape in love,

Far away in a forested land.


He called her dear knowingly,

Telling her the larger secret,

Near a den of stones,

Hides a passageway to far,

Tropical forest with savanna around,

Safer for everlasting survival,

As my instincts are in sync,

With wild animals who are pals,

Better than your enemies.


The seduction then began,

Vapors of jasmine oil from loose curls,

Were absorbed by his nostrils,

His bodily odor swept her thigh,

Lay upon each other like joined palms,

Complemented hazel eyed contact,

The night entered in arteries mixing in blood,

To blur the soft whispers unto sensations,

Shuddering litter brown packed earth,

Golden tales originated of union,

Immutable till they reached the greenwood.


In The Garden Of Insects


Scales of brown tinge sticking in a row on all three sub-branches

Eat together in passion the lower leaf surfaces and veins

Then show up the aphids in green to suck sap of tender shoots and flower buds

Making strong each other and the source weak and retard

The transparent thrips save twigs dancing nearer

Burning with ardor the surface attached to green stem

In dark and steamy ambience whiteflies cuddle on a patch

Like an orgy open for all to immerse in sex and firewater

Out of sight leisurely spider mites suck discharge on webbed tendrils

And get vanished in silver glistering of floating hedonism

Kinetic leaf-miners dig deep inside the tissue layers

Creating a motif bleached to pave colored stones of courtship

Amidst the foliage and right at the pinnacle black dotted caterpillars

One on each milkweed blade repeats snail-paced affectionate walks

A wholehearted splendor is envisioned shyly in the garden of insects.




SONALI SHARMA belongs to Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. She is a post graduate in environmental studies from Panjab University Chandigarh, India. She is also a published poet and writer. Her poems have appeared in the Indian Periodical, Indian Ruminations, Indus Woman Writing, International Human Rights Art Festival, New York, Kali Project: Indian Women’s Voices, USA, Femasia, UK.

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