Saturday, October 1, 2022



A Letter Of Introduction


In the middle of the night, I write

The letter of introduction

I am in the love

My heart is not strong as iron


As if the world is not as large as I think

Something pulls out my heart

Since the beauty of the moon enlightens

That all the trees are seen


As other creatures are seeing

The wild birds are singing on the trees

Some say my love is like a red rose

That is blooming under the trees beneath the hills


For the first time, I was in the love

And so on to say till to die

It reminds me when I am alone

With no fellow to see around


And this brings me to the window of love

That is notified in the lives

To be a secret in thy life

Before the twilight comes down into silent land

August 21, 2022


No Choice


No place to run away from

Meanwhile I find out the dark cave

Since the moonlight has no lighting

But I try to search for the shade


No instruction to say

Where have to go

The moon becomes smile

You had better come here, it said:


If you are in the love

You may come to pick me up in the spring

As the roses are blooming beneath the hills

They look like angels from paradise


They are fully greeting

Their face seems beautiful as the moonlight

How great you are to gain

That the moonlight will be on your right hand


Since the rose is touched from heart to heart

The world becomes gorgeous

No choice in thy heart except ...

I know it is the fuel of my life from now and then


To become a pillow while I come to sleep

Never I miss as long as the world is not broken into pieces

It is a promise I keep in the lives

August 25, 2022. Copyright


Where Are You?


My love never fades away

Even to be sold everywhere

It comes down from the bottom of heart

That never comes to others


My love never fades away

Even to move and fly like birds

It has no wings but has sharp eyes

That never feels complaint


My love never fades away

Even to be blown by wind

That makes my feeling be cool like ice

My love is not far from the side


It walks around and around

That makes my blood be hot to run the lives

Being love to You thy life is blooming

It looks like daffodils


Which can't be changed as much as you like

And has sharp eyes to gaze

I am in the love You are as a Creator of all

To realize You are merely one to be

August 22, 2022


A True Love


Nobody knows

Many people want to know

What I know is only what I know

A true love is in the blue sky


He is around to see me

I am in the love to gaze

But He is unseen

He knows what I know


He knows what I mean

He is not like the sun

And is not like the moon

He smiles to whom He likes


He is a saver to all

Of what He loves

With no difference

If those are in the love


No question

How He looks like

With no sample to be

How His face is like


He comes to exist

Without beginning and ending

That what is believed without questioning

Depends on to be or not to be

August 21, 2022.Copyright




SIAMIR MARULAFAU is Assoc. Prof at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of North Sumatra, Medan-Indonesia. He has been teaching English language and literature since 1985. Besides teaching, he also conducted researches and presented them to universities around such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and some other places in his country. He belongs to a group of OPA writing poems in English. He had published 2 poetry anthologies in English and 7 anthologies in Indonesian language.



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