Saturday, October 1, 2022



Second Life


Awakening changes the

awareness of reality.

Only thought can

reach solitude

in whose womb is salvation.


sometimes jumps, but

always sleeps peacefully in

the dream of tomorrow.

Life releases

the energy of the thoughts

send in a message.

The thought of

life that is a gift

often missing.


Jigsaw Puzzle


We fly to the heights,

unknowingly wasting every moment

measured by the clocks of life.

We stop when we have to

to turn a blind eye to the light

which sends a message.


And then, again the same story

with a different ending.


The pieces of the puzzle

do not come together only with storytelling.




The lowest flight of the wind is

the biggest obstacle in

the endless uphill.

The moon travels in the night

stolen from the silence of the stars.

The sky is silent, the stars are sleeping.

Do not wake the light that

closes the eyes.

The fire is a flickering flame

from the strained feelings,

at the times when the most important necessity

we turn it into mischief.

And only then

the mevlem is located in

the depth of the stitched words.



while you still are

on "love" therapy

and stay...




LIDIA RAZMOSKA TRIMOVSKA was born in 1982 in Ohrid, Macedonia.  She started her journey in the world of literature in her high school days.  Writes poetry, short stories, essays and book reviews.  Her poetry has been published in various magazines.  She has won awards at literary competitions.  She was a member of the literary clubs from Ohrid and Skopje, and was actively involved in radio guidance and literary presentations.  She is the author of the collection of poems "Lake Sigh". She is an editor and presenter on the blog "Firefly" (Светулка) on Facebook, where in addition to her works, she publishes works by other authors. She lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia.

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