Saturday, April 1, 2023



Truth Be Told


If the truth be told

is not that I am alone

something that bids me moans

but it’s your sweet melodious tone

that lined the sky with gold.


I look at the crystal moon

She carries me to you

carefully, not too soon

as if there’s more than She can do.


Deep in love am I

so innocent, so soft, so calm,

although this feeling I can’t deny

it is that thought my sorrow's balm.




From my soul the thirst rise

I take the glass and I sigh

thou thee dost not hear me.

Love comes in at softening eye

comes through it all the way

flying' through the skies,

so I wrap my soul in a rosy wreath

and cover our distance

with a very air, I breathe.


I lift the glass, red-blooded wine

leave a kiss but only in a cup

lips long parching, ask a drink divine.

Oh how I would rather change it

for thine juicy nectar sup.

Wine comes in at the mouth

till dawn to kill the drouth…

In hope, you thirsty might be

Here’s to you and here’s to me!





Love Or Thrill


The thought which blinds me still

was I love or was I just a thrill...

in your autumn tint of gold, I was taken

from lightning, in the eye, I could not be awakened.


You captured me unlike no other

and since, there hasn’t been another.

Ah! Yet among the winds I've strived,

deep into your eyes, I’ve dive

to know, to understand

why you held me and then left my hand?!


I told you trembling all my heart

you whispered: we will never be apart.

And this one thing I want to know still

damn, was I love to you or just a thrill…




FROSINA TASEVSKA was born in 1978 in Shtip, Republic of North Macedonia. She completed her studies in the department of English language and literature - Teaching direction. At the age of 38, she published her first collection of poetry "Relic". She writes poetry for both adults and children, haiku, and poetry in English. It publishes in Macedonian periodicals and is represented in anthologies and electronic collections. A collection of poetry: "Relic" – 2016. "Talking whisper" – 2022


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