Saturday, April 1, 2023



They Will Remember You Tomorrow


As the one who ran with no chance of surviving

she closed the rooms with the last of her strength,

where the sun has never looked.


They'll say yes, yes, that's the one - remember how...?

I don't remember because she was just angry,

she snatched the bitten slices from their hands

and she was still hungry.


Tomorrow, they will remember you -

as kneeling before the Lord.

Praying in sorrow for sins,

dressed in humility with continuous mea culpa.


Who will remember you?


It Exists Although No One Has Seen It


Maybe in the stars she sits -

looks down from above

with the wind in the sky,

lifts the wings of birds.


Angels will bring.

Over the waters listening -

chooses from the depths the murmur of the oceans.


Whisper at night

with the aurora creates poems -

in the drops of dew he will catch,

it screams and stays silent for a long time.


A voice that only thinks

and the soul will capture.


To Be As Hard As Stone Sometimes


I'll just sit with her

like with her sister

God did not give me - I will look,

I will compare our features.


Different shapes, though

I'm as hard as she is

and only a shell I'm afraid to take over -

it would hurt my feelings.


Rock, mighty mountain,

what an age shrine

tormented by winds, thunder tormented -

teach me your strength.




JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK: She was born on May 22, 1957. in Świebodzice. Winner of many poetry competitions. Member of the "Witryna" Literary Association in Stalowa Wola. Member of the "Kwadrat" International Literary and Artistic Group in Krakow. Member of the Association of Polish Authors in Warsaw. Member of the "Poetic Conversation with God" Poetic Group. Warsaw. A member of the "Peron Literacki" poetic group A member of the "Poetic Phoenix Feather" Group Has published four volumes of poems: She is the co-author of six literary notebooks, twenty anthologies, including five international ones. Her poems are regularly published in the international monthly "OUR POETRY ARCHIVE ONLINE MONTHLY POETRY JOURNAL". Founder of the Non-affiliated Group of Poets "Saffo" at GBP in Zebrzydowice


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