Saturday, April 1, 2023



I Do Whatever I Want


I am going out

 I will walk under the pouring rain

My body hasn’t felt the rain since childhood

I am going out

I am going to go back to the   new born I was

I am going out

I won’t be shy, won't be ashamed

I will go back to the old kind and transparent me

Just like a bird flying free, no strings attached, in the sky

Here is a cloud pouring drops of rain

And then the cloud pours waterfalls

Look at these clouds shedding tears

I am going out

Celebrating the rain

No coat to protect me from the blistering cold

No umbrella to cover my head

No scarf around my neck

I am going out


No past

No soul

No body filled with women's' perfumes

I am going out



That's how Love is born, my angel


The Poem


I get ready for her

When I wake up in her dream

She wakes up in mine

I prepare my morning for her

Set my morning prayers

Get a hot bath

With some shampoos

A French perfume

Spray it carefully

On every part of my body

I start my new day

Like every day

With a cup of coffee

A sweet cake

And a newspaper

I get ready for her

Carry it around with me

To the boring day of mine

 And as a tired bird

from seasickness

from the flames of the day

I take her as my shelter

I ask myself

What makes a butterfly

throw itself to the light

in the dark night?

Jumps right into its death

I get ready for her

When I go back to her. To me

So exhausted

Burdened with no answered questions

She sticks with me like my shadow

The shadow I am addicted to

Like the cartoonist is addicted to me

I prepare myself to her

I prepare a sacred night

I light a candle

I prepare a delicious glass of wine

I stay up

Light a candle and then another candle

I shed a tear after a tear

With a symphony killing me slowly

Takes me to a world of questions


I prepare myself to her

When she goes into my night

When I go into hers

I end up my long night

With her

To her

When she comes unannounced

And writes me

With an inhale after another

in the POEM.


In The Spanish Café


The red lipstick leaves a mark on the cup in her hand

She is alone in the magnificent Spanish café in Tangier

Further than An Arabic horse's neigh

Or closer than the sun gate to the Spain of yesterday

Two tables or more between me and her

Quite a distance; a wounded distance in the past

A dream about to be forgotten

A shadow in my memory getting further

She drinks her coffee sip by sip like a Spanish princess

She has just arrived from Granada

I can spot my Arabic ring shinning in her left finger

I gaze at her earrings, measuring the distance between her ears to her shoulders

As if these earrings are travelling forever in the sin land

To nowhere

Looking with a deep lovers' sigh

She lights her elegant cigarette slowly

She and her loneliness and her time

I watch her

She watches me

I stare at her black eyes like a desert night

She looks shyly at my eyes

Each one of us travel in the coffee

She is taken away by the flamenco music 

To Spain, that still lives in the memory of the soul

And floats like a mirage, leaves further and further

From a foam vanishing away into the sea

Nothing will stay but the sea

The café is warm with music

Time passes fast, faster than the hands of the clock

Time isn’t stuck to nothing but time

She looks like a fortune teller reading what the coffee cup hides

I read her black eyes

I wonder about the secret of this blackness in her eyes

And this rebellious hair at night

On the sun's forehead

I read again and again in my cup

I look for her and for me

I lift my eyes to see her

Or to see me in her

I look for her in the corners of the café

No one is there

No one but me

In the Spanish Café




SLIMAN DAGHASH: He was born in -Maghar village at the foot of the mountains of Galilee in the north of Palestine overlooking the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias), which Christ walked on one day and baptized his disciples in the holy waters. He participated in several poetry festivals in the Arab world, including the Cairo International Book Fair, the Jerash Festival in Jordan, the 6th Doha Festival, the Tozeur International Festival in Tunis, the Teflet Festival in Morocco and the Arab Writers Union Conference in Algeria 2016 Where he received the Jerusalem Prize from the General Union of Arab Writers and was received in Algeria. He holds the "Saif Kanaan" Medal from the State of Palestine. He holds the Medal of Martyr Abdel Rahim Mahmoud from the State of Palestine. He recently won the Palestine Prize from the General Union of Arab Writers. He published 16 poetry collections.


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