Saturday, April 1, 2023



It's spring!


It's spring

my emotions

they are alive.


inside my veins

love for life

the smell of the world


my blood.

It beats hard

the heart

the fire is lit

in my body

endless dreams

they crowd

my soul.

Yell out

the need for love

and a thought

so crazy


in my sea


I lose myself


in my poems

and I write

of each breath

the beautiful

of life.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta.


Thank You Woman!


Nor beds of rose petals

nor rivers of spring

nor trails of infinite light

they can obscure the

bright sun

which is in you

oh woman.

Silent soul

rock shelter

star among the stars

your thought

forgetful carved

will remain in the heart

of who has you


©Copyright Francesco Favetta.           


If I Were!


I was earth

I would cultivate your clods

I would water your roots

and in my mouth

eternal star

of your flowers

I would ornate.

I was heaven

for you muse

of the stars

and the stars

ethereal substance

I would give you

the light on

and with music

of my heart

I would do for you

necklaces and pearls.

I was planet

bright flame

I would welcome you

in my arms

poems and kisses

I would sow

in your face

kind love.

I was the world

peaceful life

I would dwell in

sacred bond

of our breath

honey houses

I would build some

to live together

our days.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta



FRANCESCO FAVETTA: He was born in Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, true culture, food for the soul! So far, he has written more than 4000 poems, he also writes philosophical reflections and thoughts. In 2018 he was awarded by the Accademia di Sicilia, Academician of Sicily.


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