Saturday, April 1, 2023



The Little Child


I didn't make it yesterday

to seize the day by the hair

I woke myself up

little child in pain

from the foolishness of the world

I took it in my arms so it wouldn't cry

I comforted it

in the twilight of humanity

I covered it with a blanket of dreams

I sang to him about the years of love

who left us

but they will come back with their own hands

full of apologies and hope

for an auspicious tomorrow

I looked at his eyelids

that they were asking to imprison

the Morpheus in his eyes

I let it dream of future ages

without wars, machinations and crosses


Don’t Be Afraid


Fear no more!

We have arrived at the hospitable planet

whom we have been searching for all  lifetime

In his unknown desert we will now light fires

to warm the love, the desire for a new life,

the end of our loneliness,

the expectation of a new beginning

in the days of the creation of new worlds,

our destination which has God's blessing

Fear no more!

The dangers have passed

Seasons of cleansing rain are coming

The death that lurked in our eyes

it is now nowhere

It will be long before the time of our departure comes

for other secret corners of the Universe

Let's warm our hands together!

Tomorrow we will have many nice things

to make for ourselves and for the human race


New Worlds


There is madness on this planet

where we finally landed

There is pain, sorrow, lament

but also hope and expectation

for new bright days

Our faith in new destinations is being questioned

in the day after tomorrow

There is a strong sense of responsibility

for the survival of the human race

At last, we will separate the myth from logic

with songs of the paranoiac

with sleepless nights of searching

the Eternal Light

We will repel the eternal darkness

with words of brotherhood and sympathy

We will push back the black marks

of our earthly days,

making colonies,

sparkling worlds who will touch

with affection one another




CHRISTOS DIKBASANIS is a poet, writer and scholar of religions. He was born in Thessaloniki, where he graduated from the Theological School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He holds a Master's Degree (MTh) in Religious Studies. His poems and essays have been presented in many literary magazines, print and electronic. Many of his poems have been dramatized by the theatrical groups. Also, Christos Dikbasanis  has been included in the “GREAT  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MODERN GREEK LITERATURE of HARI PATSI publications”, as well as in the "WHO'S WHO" of journalists. He has participated with his texts in collective works and anthologies. He has been honored with important national and international awards.

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