Saturday, April 1, 2023




…And He Was No More


Faceless, nameless and all alone.

In a big house but never tasted home.

Was there always but never there.

Knowing all but did not share.

A part of all but did not participate.

So loneliness was his destined fate.


Nothing to do, help or care.

Always going back to his shabby lair.

Taking all but giving none.

Life is not that easy and fun.

Life gives back what you give to it.

Life is a responsibility; it is a difficult feat.


Nameless, faceless all for himself.

No interaction, no achievement, no memories to shelf.

Bereft of joy, happiness or sorrow.

He had no todays and tomorrows.

Etching out a lonely pathway.

No ups and downs, no sway or say.


A mundane life of everyday needs.

Sometimes only looking up the news feeds.

Going about life with no ideas or thoughts.

Having an empty mind, which is a devil’s workshop.

No new things, no excitement to score.

One night he went to sleep, and was no more.


Algal Bloom


The green velvety layer on the pond

Covering the total surface.

Beautiful to look, lovely to see.

The deep pond amidst many a tree.


The algae proliferating around

The spreading greenness all around.

But the beauty above is fake

As there is no life, no frogs or snakes.


The algal bloom on the surface,

Stopping oxygen to penetrate.

So all aquatic life is choked and dead.

No fish swimming or any plants on the pond bed.




Dr. PARAMITA MUKHERJEE MULLICK is a scientist, a poet, an organizer and an editor. She has nine books to her credit and some of her poems have been translated into 40 world languages. Along with numerous awards for her poetry from Indian concerns, she has received the Gold Rose from MS Productions, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Panorama International Literature Award 2022. She promotes peace, multilingual, global and indigenous poetry. Paramita is the President and Initiator of the Mumbai Chapter of the Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library (IPPL) and the Cultural Convenor and Literary Coordinator ( West India) of the International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research(ISISAR).



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