Saturday, April 1, 2023



In The Light


You said fire-throwing hordes of sparks

in a sophisticated look


Undaunted by the glitter fallen at your feet,

I created phrases

with key subtleties


You said brightness-throwing

blue thoughts,

smoldering in hot sentences,

no beginning


I've forgotten who I am

Endlessly with you

In the light of words


Euphoric Love


It wasn't love

A handful of euphoric sensations

In wasted files of time

Like the lost of the century


We were miracles

Two angels with the same wings

Dry lips

We sought solace in the touch of a butterfly


Once upon a time somewhere without tomorrow

Out of time

You and me

I think endlessly

Without forever

Never again




Don't confuse me with the sleepy Princess

About the golden chords of half-songs

Because my drops fall differently


First, I'll go to the outdoors for photos

To the vastness of prickly bushes

It didn't cover what's important


Confuse me with a good Witch

And the squinting of your eyes

A common dream will begin

Hand in hand

Cheek touch

Your shadow with my shadow

For sometime in the universe



Catarrh-Based Knowledge


Do you know

That the leaves live for the tree

They struggle with greens

What to do with such knowledge?


Do you see

There are no secrets here

They wake up and fall

A mental shortcut on the verge?


you don't know

That a cold hurts beauty

If it was every day

Nostril based tragedy


See you?

do you know?




ANNA SKRZYPEK: She is hard of hearing, studying journalism. She has been writing poetry since 2018. She has published her book of poetry and a book with a friend. She has contributed to several anthologies. Her poems have been published in the Akant, literary magazine. She lives in Katowice, Poland with her husband and two sons.


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