Saturday, April 1, 2023



The Eternity Of Happiness


Indifferent, indifferent

I lived in a joyful giddiness


Her blue hair

windswept waves

of a gust of wind

whose hat

touches the head of happiness.

Her existence is a mystery

her calling is an enigma

but when it touches some

the wide open freshly painted

door of the soul

eternal gratitude

He dines with the family that

chose for hosting

The floating void

of existential quests

absorbs it often-thickly

in the conversations with the beating heart…

Feel me, as if telling her, laugh, for

to become the darkness of self-introspection

blue sky and yes

give meaning even with the

minimal human moments

to become happy affection itself

joy, mother and nurturer of feelings…

Listen, be a tenant, a traveler

of specified survivals

in the inn of life

Sad man!

Before it gets dark

taste life

and had time to communicate

from the Holy Grail


of the eternity of happiness!


In The Land Of Never"


You woke up from your slumber

of ignorance

burping vigorously

the breasts of a cataclysm

prostitution of the guards

of your hidden ghosts...

You smuggled in a makeshift

raft of your anchored illusions

You often said "I want long trips..."

You look like a drunken sailor

drowning in the wine of oblivion

Giving in to anger

your patched jacket

which still smells like port...

You stay alone by choice

with little money in the pocket

I have reserved two free tickets for you

for the long journey of your hidden quests…

One is for you, the other for your mistress

the loneliness

Your destination


Have fun

I am anxiously waiting

Your impressions!


In The Simple The Truth Is Found


In the unguarded

unspoken expressions

there they are great


In the half-finished ones

exhibitions of ideas

In the solitudes that

packed up their winters….

In the eyes that swim


in the river of pain

In all of these there is one

common recommended

Small unplanned

mind trips, where

they find time and way

to let the imagination and

to give birth to the...dream!.-



PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS was born in Agrinio, Etoloakarnania, in 1977. He studied at the Faculty of Humanities of the Open University of Patras, studying Greek culture. Today he works as a private employee. He is. member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF GREEK LITERARY ARTISTS-DEEL, AMBASSADOR OF GREEK POETRY OF EQUALITY IN BANGLADESH. MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL LITERARY ASSOCIATIONS WRITERS UNION, WORLD UNION OF POETS. He has received thirty international poetry awards from various countries. Most of his poems have been translated into many languages ​​(indicatively we mention TUNISIA, INDIA, SPAIN, ALBANIA, ROMANIA, PERU, COLOMBIA, AMERICA, CHINA, JAPAN. Finally, he has worked as a radio producer in local radio stations, his lyrics were set to music by Greek composers and are posted on youtube. His poems have been published in Agrinio newspapers (such a MACHITIS, ANAGELLIA, PALMOS) It is worth noting that his poetic work is included in the great encyclopedia of contemporary Greek writers by HARI PATSI.-

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