Friday, April 1, 2016



I have found you…
inside few hypnotized dawns and veils,
within an unfinished aeonian flight gesture,
stunned behind the butterflies’ murmurs,
entrapped by your crimson pulsations,
still… trading the syllables of your Time…

I have removed your savant vertical conjugations
so, a vernal promise come into being between us,
layered you within my lyrical veins and verses,
releasing your mercurial spectrum of emotions.

You are flowing  through me increasingly reinvented,
and your flesh sings now  between your  empyrean dreams,
a new sound of luminescence ricochets my tympanum
and your throbbing rain keeps rumbling at my doorstep.

My euphonic existence is sauntering
along your heart’s lost avenues and ascending pyres
invoking your eternity requiems and serendipities,
serenading an everlasting empirical Samadhi.

I have found you…
between ciphers, sacred silences and cradles of Time,
with your auric horizons and cerulean skies,
living… whilst you have ceased to be!

Shells of heaven and lost codices were deciphered,
heavenly sonnets have been transcribed nonchalantly.
I have removed even your fleeting effigies and dissolutions,
your terracotta tears, renowned your pyres of adulation
so, the parable of my own existence coexist within you.

I arched myself inside your twilight blood,
rejuvenated my own mandalas and ascending hymns,
left my Eternities to become before your Time
so, days and nights may collide in rhymes,
catharsis will be bleeding no more at my ankles’ door
as I depict you with chimerical and prosaic efflorescence.

I have found you…
forgotten on a seraphic wing, transfixed…
ardently burning your orbs, chasms and existential drops.
Harmonious silences, rumbling eternities and somber dreams
have enclosed your zephyr memories at the gate of a Satori.

In this biography of us, you have been the author…
But I am the finisher of our faith…

And I bestow you as a divine anthem
to a cherubic everlastingness…


I am the seeker
of the finding the gnosis
of my Name!...

Speak to You
with the voice of many,
while you voice my Name
and name my Voice...

I am the spaceless sound
caught inside an infinite noun,
in which the ear of the ear
hear the heart of the hearts,
the Truth of the untruth!...

You are the One,
the Knower of my knowing
the speechmaker of my utterances
the petitioner of my adulations...

I am the Self,
multiple manifestation of multitudes,
a dualistic unity immanently within itself,
the Life-ying, the Reality-yang!...

within you...
without you...


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