Friday, April 1, 2016




He gave her a rose, a rose so pretty
She held her breath as he made her feel lovely
Oh what a sight to see, as she blinked her eyes
He stood kissing her soul, can't you see~

She smiled her smile, as he kissed her hand
Darling nice to meet you, may I take you away?
Oh my dear kind sir, oh yes take me to your heart
Wherever that may be, you see dear kind sir
I rather like you and I need your love~

My lady, you are special to me,
Let me whisk you away
And make you whole;
It’s been a while since I met someone
Special and pretty as a picture.
Let’s fly together and find our
Special love
 That was a rose in time;
In their dreams they ruled the world~

Their love was special their love was true!
She followed him to the end of the earth
She dreamed of his arms and wonderful lips
She dreamed so long it maybe come true…

He kissed her and held her tight
He thought, I would never lose this fight
He smelled her hair and brushed her face
Oh, he thought, how I love this dream
He picked her up and fell headfirst
In the sweetest love in time…
Yes, it started with a rose~

Debbie Brooks ©March 2016


I saw you the other day
You smiled my way
Our eyes met and I knew you were mine;
I gave you my hand
I knew then I loved you simply…
Let me be your baby~

I Love You Simply
So simply without knowing how;
So simply and always…
 I know not when, or where you came~

I Love You Simply
Simply, I love you
Without problems or pride
I love you in this way;
I do not know any other way…
Loving you this way and always,
 Will reveal not you or I
But One

It is So…
Intimate, your hand upon my breast is my hand,
~ We Are One ~

It is So…
Intimate that when I fall asleep, my eyes close
And dream of you and you of me
So simply are you and me
~ We Are One ~
Is why I Love You Simply

Now and Forever
Let me be your baby…
Eyes closed so tight
Holding you with each breath
Still, in tiny slumber
Holding each loving memories
Of Te Amo

 ~ I Love You Simply ~

Debbie Brooks ©March 2016


Looking deep in the calm of water,
Searching and searching for something…
A gentle breeze blows on her face
Her eyes are closed...she feels its offer~

The sun, hidden by the clouds, hides the lines in her face
Her sadness shows suffering…
Rising to her feet and looking around, the day humming around her
She takes in her own torture~

She closes her eyes to hear her own sound…
All she hears is crying and sadness;
Pain and hurt is circling her
Bestowing a beauty that is covering her~

She kneels before a boulder,
Praying for answers upon her altar…
She lies upon her rock
Up close, and arms wrapped
In all her burdens~

Closing her eyes once more,
She imagines a man made just for her…
Arriving on a chariot of gold,
Stopping in front
With longing, on a bended knee~

Closing her eyes for the last time
She lies down on her rock of life
To be raised on his bended knee,
Up from darkness is she~

The Lord picked her up
Placed her in his arms
Saying you will always be
My child; You see I am the King!

Debbie Brooks
©March 2016


  1. Thank you all for visiting and commenting.. Debbie

  2. Deborah's writing is some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever read... In my opinion she is the reigning poetic princess!

  3. awesome writing, Deborah! I simply love it!

  4. Deborah is an incredible poet and Author. I love reading her poems they touch the heart.

  5. Congrats to my Friend Deb for being Featured; how wonderful!!!!! She's so talented ...

  6. Amazing talented; never have I ever witnessed a WRiter grow in their talent so quick as this Poetess; her ink is golden.

  7. Thank you all you are so very kind.. I am doing what I love to do..

  8. Love to read your poetry. I am one of your avid fans

  9. Love to read your poetry. I am one of your avid fans

  10. What wonderful poetry, The passion shown with each stanza you write show a depth of heart and soul that touches me. I too have become a fan

  11. Oh wow! Very beautiful writing, Deborah! I've admired your writing for quite sometime now, and I must say as I see here, you so often outdo yourself! Great piece! Keep inking!!

  12. Thank you Debbie and Emery what great comments.. Love you...

  13. only you Deborah Brook can wove such a lovely lovers dialogue and take us to the land of dreams riding your magical pen sailing in your beautiful ink shine on and on and on

  14. I love your poetry, how eloquent you are. Praise God. I feel the same. from rami

  15. Thank you dear Muhammad. Sooo kind of you

  16. Thank you dear Muhammad. Sooo kind of you

  17. As elegant on stage as she is on the page...She is a true reflection of her artistry which is only surpassed by her humanity...Her poetry is filled to the rim with passion and often spills over

    1. MICHAEL what a great comment. Bless you

    2. MICHAEL what a great comment. Bless you

  18. Beautiful, beautiful, wonderful poems. congratulations Deborah Brooks Langford

  19. What wonderful writing...thanks for sending me the link...perhaps one day you'll let me be a, light, and blessings my friend!...Emery

    1. Emery wow so good to see you here... you are the best..

  20. wow wonderful poetry.. I am amazed

  21. this poetry is very amazing and wonderful to read. thank you