Friday, April 1, 2016



It's nothing you know
To spin the clay, on a potter's wheel
Feeling it turn and messing in the
supple texture to start
But another entirely,
To form, to birth, the beauty of art,
A magestic vase of some
supreme mantelpiece or great
foreign hall
It's nothing at all
to paint the moon and stars
on a virgin canvas
A stroke there, a dab here
But to paint the heavens
as though your eyes clear
to gaze at them for the first time
In forever
That's an endeavor
It's nothing to say 'I Love You'
Those three words spilling forth
from your moving lips
like succulent cherries and cream,
playing them like a dream
from the skillful hands of the
rarest harpist
But to dance, walk,
speak, talk,
like those words are with
no pretenses
Inherent with all five senses
That is the symphony of love
A treachery to seek
A treasure to keep
and one so
If let go
Will sink deep
And make the ocean's heart
Earn her keep

From my head to my toe and forevermore
I shall love you like no one before
The day that we met I knew you
From another time
Perhaps an eternity
And you were mine
From the early light of a new day
To the night sky of an early May
Your soul speaks to mine
In languages divine
to me like a blossoming elder
A tree that whispers to only those
That held her
For an eternity of sin
I'm want to swim in your skin
Beneath warm waters
Of the gods' daughters
You are my life
My death
My everlasting breath
From beyond and until no more
We are the immortal lore
Of ancient inscriptions
Whose translations
Need no description


The sun was her friend
And the moon was her warrior
The stars, her captor
The heavens, her wonder
One night she took holiday
On a ship that sailed
Far away
To a primitive island
Where she lay and basked
Inside the warmth of all of them


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