Friday, April 1, 2016




smile to my childish sad eyes
breath to my heavy soul
go slowly
while reading me a story
of our own...
remember my presence
in all of your steps
I love you for real
no matter the gaps...
I`m lying next to a book
that`s shelter to my head
it`s what I call YOU
in all of the verses instead
don`t ever leave me behind
if you carry love to my existence
care me in silence
don`t ever play resistance...
over and over I write about you
to my universe that is ''you''
don`t even know
if I`m still dreaming
if you are real and me…
if I`m leading
this story where it belongs
tell me, darling, am I really crazy
is my imagination wrong?
tell me the truth,
do not leave me in despair
for you are my man,
my love, my affair...
smile at me right,
breath all my air
go slowly to my chest
and cherish me fair

NO MORE… (peace poem)

a novel`s page...
I`m writing everyday
about the world
and its pain...
survived and relived
lives millions into defeat
can we learn some more
about our true soul
aching from the war
we impose to our own?...
is it fair to be there
hurtful novels and despair
when we can only treat
each other right and...
write novels ahead?...
bring them to light!
how is it fair
to keep residing in despair?...


your blood runs
through my roots
in ancient times
that I remember you
as my vibes...
I was looking for you
for so long
couldn`t imagine
to be that wrong
when waiting for so long
again and again
under this unbearable shell
of silence...
when I wanted all to say
how much I adored your way
forever in my root
I felt your veins
just walking on foot
all along the shore
in this savage store
lost in your eternity
in several lives
claimed in separation
by the fire of woods
and shadows of time...mutes

now I found you at last
safe and fine
recognizing you
at instant time
don`t know what`s for real
for people and existence
don`t even know what`s next
but all I know
is that I found you...
my root at its best
and silent vow at my chest
to be slowly whispered
in your heart...


please, forgive my fiery love
sometimes it can burn
from all the flames
they gather in turn...

please, forgive my feelings so intense
for you I would say
were the only one
in history....

please, forgive my...perhaps tingling rose
was meant for the petals
to make you strong...

please, forgive the ashes
I may have left afterwards
for my love is too strong
for you dedicated all
to my adorable man
his biggest fan...
please, forgive my open wide heart
it was meant for you
all from the start
always as a gift
to my precious
strong and
most lovable man on earth.
forgive me...


my life companion outdoors
nomad of my savage roads
I call him ''the black thunder''
beauty and beast all together
with him on the mountains
forever I will love
this creature of uniqueness
forever I will cherish
the road of his embrace
the strength of his walks
the hues of his color
the light of his thunder
wilderness carries within
for I adore the manners
of him...
can not end this long run
of my verses on the paper
white boards of flavor
for I`m trapped in his love...
black light I receive
from this old soul
lost I perceive
to be so ancient
to my perception
we come all together
in perfection.



  1. Wonderful Poems Ana! Thank you for submitting your work!

    1. thank you, Stacia, for this amazing opportunity! -)

  2. Very poignant and enjoyable poems.....loved them!

    1. thank you very much for enjoying my poems, Ken!-)