Friday, April 1, 2016




Crystal glasses on the tables
and bundles of roses
guests, elegantly dressed
chat smiling
while the sound of romantic songs
can be heard from the garden

You there, too
silent sitting
your eyes, once
of a light blue
now like the twilight colors
of an autumn's eve
staring in the void

Your lonely soul
crosses space and time
from present to eternity
dreaming the winds
take you up to her
the clouds open a way through
birds point the way
up to the gates of heaven

And you once again
lay your lips on hers
and softly touch
her ethereal face
still so much loved.


I can still see you
your smile of ever

A door opens on the past
and me there
in that house
full of flavors and familiar smells

And you, tired at nightfall
sitting on your armchair
the cat wandering around
the lamp at your side
illuminating your face

Deep the sense of peace
in those rooms
only broken by laughters

Mild and sweet
the scent of the flowers
you loved so much

I ever felt safe
with you, mom
protected as in a fortress
high and thick its walls

Out the world
with all its worries
your loving embrace
the cure for all my pains


Don't ask me
my darling
what love is
all my life i spent
to understand

What i can tell you
for sure
don't believe anyone
who tells to love you
but with buts  and  ifs


A friend is able to listen
helps you in hard times
make you smile
when you need
unable to betray

You will ever have him
at your side
to walk along
the paths of your life
easy or difficult
depending on your fate
and go through them
with a lighter spirit

You can share with him
your thoughts and aspirations,
your emotions your secrets

He knows how to read inside
when you want to be silent
your soul hurt
by pains and sorrows

Nothing special is asked in friendship
and if you have something to give
are all things you have not to pay:
loyalty devotion trustworthiness
and a good deal of love too

All that can be unimportant
for those in search of glory
and that only a few could relish

But take me your friend
and I will be yours.


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