Friday, April 1, 2016




Serengeti dust is on the roof of my tent.
Morning peers its light through the beige canvas
and I am on a dream to wonder bust
my wants and desires for a woman.
She is a part of the whirling sand and wind
a small vile of Gin
keeps my head from wondering too much.
To the basin
I sprinkled the cold water on my face
almost too erase
the hard ground where my sleeping face
left an imprint beneath.
Serengeti wind blows through my hair
as I feel the salty sweat
fall from the brow of my calving spirit.
Here among the dunes
her spirit wonders carelessly searching
and she is aware
that my tent is pitched in the light of her love.
What miracle will it take
for her to transform herself in my arms
becoming the moment when all of time stops
and the Universe twains.
Here I will stay until my death
for if I rise above the sand she will wait.
Serengeti dreams evolve from within
I feel the cantering of her Soul in this abyss
swearing allegiance that love exists
and all I have to do is enter the sublime zone.
Ricardo Antonio Garcia
Fear has lost me.
Tears have gained ground.
I hear her crying in the wails of the wind.
Into the sand I write a poem
in the grace that her mind is my mind
and her soul is my soul.
Fervent pleasures misunderstood… by all.


Symbiosis of heartbeats…
birthing Mother, will you bear our love child?
Planting the seed of our union
and growing a bridal proximity to our union
pink orchards on your wrists
letting your hair down in the bedroom
I can’t resist
for love is blooming within you.
Symbiotic fluid of our hearth…
is the child of loves essence fragrantly pedaled?
Illusive butterflies pregnant and powdering
choirs sing of rejoicing in God
dismantled cross from the old church is gone
but in God is purity
resurrected by His memory and His love.
Bloom my loving Angel.
Walk with me beneath an old oak tree…
kiss me ever so gently
for the tram of our existence is eternal
bed and breakfast here
under the indigo sky of darkened night
I can’t stop
my hands from discovering you.
Bloom, my loving Angel.
Synchronicity is electric…
laying in the grass as the clouds above pass
your skin wears me well, my love
rocking to the demurity of our making
touch has never been so profound.

Over beating heart in a lustful embrace
is dancing in its thrombosis.
How do humans love so hard?
Encapsulated love… into a pill of delight..
you are my prismatic light…

Ricardo Antonio Garcia

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