Friday, April 1, 2016




A brownie sneaked into my soul last night

And sowed a handful of exotic seeds.

I could notice they were wondrously bright

Yet never discerned her mysterious deeds.

She would recurrently visit at dark

And keenly cater for them till sunrise,

Then tiptoe by the chant of the skylark

Leaving me in ample awe and surprise.

Shortly sundry seedlings sprouted and bloomed.

The petals had love and care carved on them.

The buds smelling so scented and perfumed,

Bore empathy and amity on the stem.

By harvest time I gathered a bouquet

Which, as I chanced on people, gave away.


It took men a myriad of demises
And piles of rubble and colossal wreck,
So the deaf-blind mankind realizes
The death toll, the manslaughter and the heck.
Having been besieged all thru hebdomads,
With missiles and shells falling like wild rain
That turned districts into derelict slabs
Crippling thousands and hundreds meanly slain.
The world’s conscience ultimately awoke,
With demos rallying against genocide.
And resounding voices tried to evoke
Empathy and mercy in humankind.
It’s odd how some people still don't accuse
Apartheid withal human rights abuse


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