Friday, April 1, 2016


Toni Lovric


Let me be
your canvas
As you breathe
New Life into me
As I come alive
To your Will
And Your purpose
For me
With every brush stroke
You apply tenderly
Your pure love
Your passion
That you mold
Creating me carefuly
The Master of Art
Intertwined and mixed
With brilliant colours
From heavens up above
You restore my heart
Into new formation
And pumping
New love
New life
New hope
Painting my eyes
The windows to my soul
You can see the reflection
Of God's glory
Outlining my face
As you paint
A beautiful
Divine creation
Every smear
Every layer
Shows the history
Of my past
The hurtful scars fading
Whilst you
Apply and dab
A hue
Or crimson red
The burning passion
Of my soul
Sunshine and joy
With yellow and gold
indigo and ceruleum blues
That captures your
heavens  delights
A symphony
Of colours
As they melodiously
Dance in to life
Ignite my flame
With in the canvas
A new life
A new beginning
A creation
With pure love
with a divine hand
A master of design
Invoking inspiration
Realms in my mind
A surge
Of new creativity
And ispiration
As you paint my Lord
The essence
Of my being
And seal
It in our divine union
A potrait a face
A reflection
Of the beautiful
Soul created
By You my Lord
the Master of Creation
Father of all eternity


She made a splash
as she dived
in to the clear cool water
It felt like smooth soft velvet
caressing her sunkissed skin
So smooth and soft
Whilst she glided
through the waves
Making small ripples
Each stroke
Pushing against the force
Gliding along
Feeling the power
from her kicks
Her heart was happiest
When in the water
The silence
Calmed and settled her mind
Refreshing crystal blue
soothingly supporting
Her body
Crisp amd invigerating
Wrapping around her
Into her hot skin
Swiftly and elegantly
moving effortlessly
Gliding through each stroke
She had caught the attention
Of the other swimmer
in the next lane
Chizelled and muscular
Strong and oh yes
So so handsome
Pulse racing
Heart throbbing
Shaking her head
To focus
on the next breath
As she finished her laps
Slipped out
Turned around
And caught his stare
The wet bathers
Clinging tightly
Conturing her
As he watched
the last few
Water droplets
Along the valley
Of her ripe
Heaving breasts
" close your mouth
prince charming...!"
Oh yes that
Bedazzling smile
It made her heart skip
It kept her going
For the rest of the day
They were
Each other's incentive
To swim faster
To swim better
His wink
Said it all
She flicked her
Long wet hair
she turned away
Leaving him
Watch her
Swing her hips
Feeling pleased
Knowing the spark
Was still there
They both felt it
They both knew it
But somethings
Are just not ment
To be said
Are just not ment
To be explored
As she went back
To her reality.......
But for a moment
They both enjoyed their
"Special thing"
Until next the time...!
They both knew
they drew the line.............!


She was his sweetness
He was ferocious
She was delicate
And vulnerable
He was bold and courageous
She was cornered
He was standing by her side
She was hurting
He took care of her
With pride
She was his
Peaches and cream
He was her confidant
She was his majesty
He was king of the jungle
Two different worlds
Two different minds
Yet he gave her
What she needed
She melted his heart
Whilst hers was broken
By those whom
She held most dear
He stood guard by her side
He kept away her fear
Was it destiny
Or was it his desire
They were connected
In some strange way
What she lacked
He gave
What he wanted
She had
a connection
A mutual understanding
He watched her back
She gave him inspiration
He gave her attention
She gave him
Her imagination
Her creative soul
As they lived in this world
Where liones roared
And broken hearts mended
And once again soared

(c) 2016

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