Friday, April 1, 2016




Its Christmas time, a holiday we await for a year,
The houses are adorned with best Christmas trees,
With beautiful colored lights and ornaments on it.
Children are filled with excitement,
Happiness fills the air, carols are being played,
While cakes and cookies are being baked
Ah it’s the spirit of Christmas in the air.
The children hang their stocking,
Awaiting Santa to drop a gift by their chimney
Silver bells adorn the house,
With decorative wreaths and snowflakes everywhere,
In the garden Santa’s grotto is ready for his arrival,
The rein deer’s all set to take Santa on his sleigh all around the town,
His elves are all busy packing the gifts,
Ready to be delivered to all the children,
Merry Christmas banners are hung everywhere,
Every house is dressed with Christmas spirit.
It’s that time of the year,
A time for happiness,
A time to get together awaiting the birth of the little child Jesus!


Woke up at the break of dawn,
and took a walk down the beach,
enjoyed the cool breeze
but what was that I heard?

I heard a whisper in the wind
that called my name out aloud
and said I still love you
I turned around there was no one

Music was playing somewhere far away
that took my breath away
for the whisper kept on and on
and I kept talking
till I stood on a rock just
watching the waves hit against the rocks
and splash on m face.

I watched the sunrise
and smile for it brought a new day
a new life

And I heard that whisper again
I love you,
get up and go move on
I sobbed - I looked up the heavens
and thanked the Lord for that
strength he has given me
to carry on my life as a widow!

Ah that whisper so sweet!


It was one of those days

When the weather was so cold

another cold chilly day and just fall.

I step out for a walk; along the garden so green.

Ah fall and the garden smelling so sweet

with so many colored flowers and fruit trees.

On a bench I sat and across me sat

a couple so lost in their world of their own that;

brought back sweet memories a time gone by;

when I had first met my love it was fall.

There we were walking hand in hand

cooing to each other, holding on tightly

lest anyone came in between.

We may have walked for hours,

along the river that flowed so gently

as if not to disturb our little love affair

and we were so lost in that paradise of that day

In a couple of years in fall in the same garden

he proposed to me and we got married

Ah come fall and my heart takes me back

to another sweet time.

Time has gone by and so has many fall’s to have

gone by but memory still lingers

that is not going to be easy to erase

of love that was found in Fall!

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