Friday, April 1, 2016




You were wrong,
You were wrong all along.

I was placed under your microscope
blurred by the hunger to shatter this spirit,
in an attempt to calm the chaos of your own insanity.

I was broken you said
over and over and over.

But you were wrong.
I was a blooming flower
up against thorns of hate.
Age, my handicap
Fear, my guide
too young to understand the
meaning of relentless malice.

Yet the day came when my strength
surged to meet the rising sun.
Your words became hollow and meaningless,
much like my confidence
you had readily crushed.

Your voice is now mute.
My recovery, my return to love,
graced with miraculous forgiveness.
To you, I send love and light.
An impractical teacher,
who's led me to the woman I am today.


I am hollow,
candidate to the obscurity of darkness
which snatches me
to the bottomless pit
where you are nowhere to be found.

Yet this despair
can never dim
the magic of your smile
throbbing to restore my light of day

The tremble of your touch
which hails the
flamed desire
within our passionate hunger.

I can never leave you.
My light may be dim
but darkness,
a maniac in my journey,
incapable of kinging my castle.

For you I am grateful.
forever, my beloved.


We swayed with harmonies
of sweet destiny.
All deaf
to the sounds
only our essence could claim.
Light on our feet,
carried away by the melodies
of our own desires.

Embrace me with your
urge to love me.
Slide my body
to the neighboring
silence of your capture.

This is where I belong,
this is where you truly exist.
Passion's eternal song,
tattooed into our infinite reality
unending to lover's rhythms.


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