Thursday, September 1, 2016




"In the walls of brain
have numerous poetic frames.

Frames which has filled
with the flying colours of aim.

An aim to look at the eyes of Lord
in which we all are same.

If you tend to blame others for the typical situations
it's a sense of shame.

Do combat anyhow
in dense darkness with candle flame.

Don't lay limit your search
till page numbers & author's name.

Don't spoil your time
in nuisance.

'Words of wisdom'
is your real essence.

Don't throw the dice
for mere number game.

Remember it -
Life is a chess game.

Do claim for your rights,
responsibilities, duties & name.

After All, your presence in this mortal world
should be for 'Hall of fame'."____Durgesh Verma

~~~!!AN INVOKE!!~~~
"I wish to hear
some noise
Which is not
far from my choice.
The choice which soothe my
quivering nerves.
My nerves want
the following sounds to preserve :-
The chirping of larks
in the glory of dawn.
The thundering of clouds
in the gloomy dark.
The humming of bees,
The rustling of leaves,
The blowing of pleasant winds,
The coming of the season spring.
The upthrust of oars
for the sailing of boats.
The eyes blink
during take of oaths.
The rhythmic waves of
newborn river.
The shriek of teeth
due to shiver.
The sweet melodies
in the dance of flute.
The laughter of a kid
which looks so cute.
In the zeal of such
foreseen allude,
A serene face prays
in the phase of mute."___Durgesh Verma

"Here, I'm talking
All of Me
My name, tale & speciality
not about Thee!
I'm now flowing
with the calm stream of Time
let's come to share my Jiff
let's come to share my Rhyme.
You can't judge Me
through the spectacles of penetrable presence
My inner thought is a little bit different
from the physical appearance.
During past jobs -
I served for Orphans
I too felt glad
to strengthened destitute Women.
I felt their real Pain
in the absence of Identity
I worked to eradicate
their unquenchable thirst, hunger & Poverty.
I am exploring different ways
to intermingle them with mainstream of Society
So they could become self-sufficient
and not be the mere part of Pity.
Introspection of my actions
are my Reality
I will continue it till my last breath
is my Identity.
Let's sow the seed of Affinity
to preserve Global Humanity
Else, we will be late
to bear Indemnity!"____


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