Thursday, September 1, 2016




Think a while in silence..
For those who loved you
more dear…
For they are the ones,
who will never weaken you up!
when life is not so clear,
close your eyes and come
to my arms dear!
Let your soul fly above
The horizon!
Where there are no clouds!
No dust! no drought!
Life there is so clear!
Don’t lose the chance my dear…
And… I will clean the rocks
of your road,
to find it easy when you come!
I’ll beg the birds, the winds
even the weather…
To have some help when you fly!
I’ll tell the Nature to be pretty
to smell the perfumes of my land,
When it’s time to fly away…
I’ll spread the colours of my sky!

My faithful friend…
Thank you for the trial…
For the directions…
For the discoveries…
For your struggle on the way
to our friendship…
This will be for ever!



A sky without borders is the world I dream.
A land full of trees is in my mind’s sphere!
A plethora of black and white birds
Flying around in harmony
Is the world I want to live
        So Human!.

Let your fantasy’s generosity guide you
Above the horizon’s bright path
Where the ideals are alive!
Let the rhythm of your heart
Beat in peace!
And love those anonymous soldiers
Who fight their brothers and teach them!
And fetch those who have been lost into chaos!
STOP the war’s anathema to avoid agonizes
Between Scylla’s and charybdi’s slavery
And follow the freedom’s melody
Dance and sing!
Switch on the light…to go to bed in peace
Rest! There is no possession any more!
And keep on dreaming my fellow citizen!


My spirit soared high and tried
a place in paradise to find,
where waters crystal-clear spring
and muses meet their nests to weave!

I followed Ulysses’ trail,
and met sirens plenty along the way!
They wanted me to leave
my paradise dream
the fate of the Clashing Rocks to meet!

The white doves my friends became
and to the stars they led me straight!
The Gods agreed and they decreed
this Land to bless and all within!

That which mortal hands should touch
will be embraced by Olympians doves!
And when the torch of intellect lights up
then will this Land a paradise become!
Olive branches will blossom all around
everyone a child of the earth,
colours and hues the world will crown
brushstrokes applied by brotherly hands.

Hands will clasp each other tight
bodies in embrace will unite,
all will fight for life
and will live in paradise!


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