Thursday, September 1, 2016




You are spring that remained into the storms,

That flower leaf becomes cheerless.

Or my tears,

May dropped while it was blooming…

You have fallen on the ground quietly,

The sad tulip,

Actually, did my soul stain remain?

That the threshold of the world.


It is snowing again,

It has the inspiration to gain the whole world.

What a pity! Snow covered branches of almond tree,

It was blooming completely.

As if not reaching a meeting of beloved,

As if going on the way hurrying,

May spring has came early that I waited for,

As followed the fraud sense.

As if a tear on the lips of a bud,

It has frozen after dropped, what pain has it?

After the soft frost,

Did the waited spring follow early?


I watched the sky sadly,
It made my soul a daybreak and sank into your eyes.
As if I found its hopes,
But my heart lost them again in your eyes.
When a grief sank in the deep of your looks,
The ailing ocean trembles.
Your tears wash its banks,
You are on that side, I am on the other.



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