Thursday, September 1, 2016




Monkey is always in a stew.......
When she comes and when.........she goes!
Monkey is always on her
Tippy toes
Author Shirley Brown
Copyright 2006

The old man
On the corner

There's and old man on the corner
Drinking beer
I watched from a far
I look at him,he looks back at me...
If only our eyes meet
We would see the meaning
Of love
The meaning to be free
Well he"s homeless as he's drinking his beer, only he wishes....
I'm out of here
Oh it's makes no difference,if your rich or if your old
Being a homeless person has got to be known
O' his shirt is tattered and torn
His shoes has holes
Which he has over worn.
Well he has a smile upon his face
He has the right to be treated
Like any human race
But people look at him with his tattered clothes on .....
Only to say.....
That they wish that he was gone
But people dont you know don't
You realize....
This could be your father or mother....or next of kin
So when you see a man who's in tattered clothes..please!
Be kind
Show a little tenderness....
Because some day you might be poor or old
And you may have no where
To go

Author Shirley brown
Copyright 2006


Hey! Bartender let me have one
For the road
I just found out today that the trailer park was sold
Well it's been a long,long time
Since I cried alot.
O' this old house has carried me threw some rough spots
But I guese life has changes to make
Even tho it might break my
Heart into
So bartender please give me one more drink
"Ah! Sing it boys"
'cause I don't know....if I'll pass here .....again !

Well it's been a long,long time
I'm about to lose my mind in this world
I did a lot of suffering
I just don't know what to do
Well! It"s been ten years since
My husband died.....and I cried alot
Well you see bartender my man always took care of me when he was alive!
And now I live in this trailer home park.....and this my only way of life


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