Thursday, September 1, 2016




Romance of heart grows in imagination to dreams
Bringing fantasy and reality into one to a state of joy
Wonderful to enjoy in life, when nothing solaces heart!

Soldiers of war sacrifice their life to save the world for
Humanity to survive, sustain and succeed in life with
Peace and love forever and ever in the world in prosperity!

Dreams of stranded soldiers when get solaced by fine
Mermaids of world ocean gives a great sense of romance
Reviving heart with new life and spirit to live better ever!

Yet, for the struggle of life, there is no end for it in the world
As long as humanity is under the grip of daunting rogues
Who jeopardize all norms or ethos of mankind by domination!

The inspiring dreams of romance gives respite to breathe well
And fight to establish human sense to survive long with hope!


Arbour in the park is the place romance starts
Inspired by the aesthetic pleasure of seeing many
Beautiful things in Nature we love most forever!

After facing many a mind boggling problems,
Man finally settles in the park to heave a sigh of
Relief and breathe some free air to bring to oneself!

Colourful flowers, fruits and birds singing in awe
Indeed are a great blessing in disguise that moves
One's heart by their beautiful nature so wonderful!

And there only the chance of love at first sight starts
With the glimpse of smiling lady entering into one's
Heart, when she sits with him like he is exhausted...!

The mutual cause reciprocates between them into love
So beautiful and lovely that they enjoy love life long...!


Two hearts can be made one only by love;
With the kisses of two pairs of lips like the
Ebb and flow of sea waves kissing shore
There is no end for it but only in love forever!

Kiss is the fuel that burns alive love of two
Always into one soul in two bodies lifelong!
No power can separate this inextricable one
Fused together forever to burn as fire sure...!

This fuel supplies energy for the love to burn
Bright not only all night but also all day long!
Without this fuel all days are nights and all
Nights are hell that only can keep alive love!

Kiss of love is bittersweet as life is food of all
Tastes that make one enjoy food forever sure!


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